Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well Update... *updated*

I've been waiting patiently, as you team members have. I was hoping and praying to make an announcement when we had both wells paid for.

The update I just recieved last Friday from charity:water stated a huge congratulations for how much WE have raised toward our wells. But not quite there yet. SO close.

Team Ethiopia is less than $800 away from our goal of $10,000.00!!! That's huge.

I want to thank each and every one of you. No matter what you contributed, it has added up to one huge number!

Please pray with me that the rest comes in soon so we can celebrate and I can order the thank you gifts to send you all!!

I DO NOT ask anyone of you to contribute any more than you have - you have done SO much.

Please, say quick prayer that our $790 comes in so we can rejoice at raising $10k and drilling our TWO wells.

The most exciting thing for me originally was picturing myself being there while the drilling was happening. Since that's not possible (and I fully appreciate why - now.) At first I was upset to learn that news. I thought about it some more and realized that being there for the drilling would be exciting for ME. That is selfish.

What God has told me, whispered in my ear, NO, he doesn't ever whisper to me. He slaps me in the face to get my attention. You all know that by now about me! ;)

Here's what he told me.

One day, in several years from now, when you take your family to Ethiopia, you will visit the wells that Team Ethiopia built. You will take your daughter to them (since charity:water gives us the exact location and puts it on google earth) and explain to her that it is because of HER that these wells exist.

And each of you, when you travel again to Ethiopia you can visit the wells and explain to your children why you joined Team Ethiopia. Because of them.

I cannot wait for that day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My miracle~

On this day an angel was born... Tarikua Bezu, we love you more than you'll ever know! You have changed our lives in every way imaginable.

Love Forever and Always,
Mammu, Daddy, Nikki and Snoopy Goopy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothin' but friends = Nothin' but love!

This past Friday I was blessed with the opportunity to meet two Ethiopian adoption families! The famous "Team Alexander" and the amazing Morgans! I've met the Morgans once before, so this was an extra treat. They live close by!

Emily and fam. headed to Boston for a conference and we were able to hook up with them, Jen and Co. for a few precious hours. It was surreal. These people are like crack to me, just cannot get enough~

Me and the man of my dreams and prayers... I love you Abenezer! xoxo Auntie Lori

Almost two years in the making, I met Emily Alexander! It was like we'd known each other forever!

Most of the kids on the freedom trail in Boston!

What a pip! And a handsome one at that! Mr. Alexander himself! :)

Baby Abe and Jen... Jen Morgan is a newer friend who I adore. I cannot wait to meet her little Bela sometime this summer! :) Soon Momma, soon!

Eliza and happy Abe, this angel smiles ALL the time! It's incredible~
And who doesn't love Eliza?? She is the most wonderful loving teen I've ever met~
And finally, pizza! Emily and I shared that "glass of wine" spoken of so many times on the internet. It became a reality!
Random cuteness: My two "twins" in the backseat...

Out for a double date Saturday night with old friends Nancy and Don - Love you! Great conversation, eh food, and good wine! We seriously need to live closer. But that could be troublesome! :) xoxox

Geesh, what's next? Well, I'm horribly sick w/allergies.... My head is in a bubble.
Guess what!? Tuesday is charity:water update day!!!! I hope we don't have two wells because my videographer is out of town and I look like crap. SO, if the news is good, you won't know until the "reveal video". And we're headed out of town soon, so wait patiently!
Thanks again Team Ethhiopia - YOU have almost given TWO wells to TWO villages in rural Ethiopia. Mind blowing!