Friday, September 28, 2007

One month + one month = our child!

Well, not so simple!! Here's a quickie breakdown of how our timeline has unfolded thus far
There's a ton more information involved between each date, but I'll spare the paperchase gore. This is the most relevant timeline, our paperchase stuff was just preparation:

4-8-07 Decided to formally announce our decision to adopt at Michelle's on Easter!!!

4-23-07 First application packet arrives from Wide Horizons (WHFC)

5-14-07 First appointment with Roy, our social worker, in the Bedford NH office (love him)!
This is the day we knew that we were adopting from Africa/Ethiopia!!!!!!!!

5-29-07 Lori's one on one appt. w/Roy (he thinks I'm a total nut job)

5-29-07 Michael's on on one appt. w/Roy (he thinks Michael is cool)

6-2-07 All day Adoption Prep. course in Concord NH!

6-11-07 Final appointment w/Roy at our home!

6-20-07 Ethiopian Dossier instructions emailed from Roy (major work begins)

7-16-07 Home Study first draft emailed to us!

7-24-07 Rec'd letter from WHFC confirming Home Study complete!

8-16-07 Dossier in mail to WHFC to begin the authentication process!

8-23-07 Fingerprinted at CIS in Manchester NH!


8-29-07 I797C Approved from CIS - faxed to Katie at WHFC

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My sister Michelle trying to "reign me in"!

This post is dedicated to uhmmm, my dear sister Michelle. I called her bright and early this morning to chat etc., etc, and the first words out of her mouth were, "is there something wrong with you"?? :) Then in no particular order were these other comments;

1. I don't know who you are!

2. You seem very unstable!

3. Is there a hormonal imbalance?

4. What's going on?

5. You never talk to me like that!

She then told me that she had read my blog last night (the last post) and was dumbfounded!

So, yes, having a blog makes you dig deep sometimes, and other times if you're in "the moment" of whatever it is that's going on in your head, you take the time to sit down, then the result is a crazy sounding post (I liked it) like my last one. Like I explained to her, moods (especially mine) can change on a dime.

My friends and family would NOT describe me to be "emotional"or "touchy feely" so my last post, and probably all of them come to think of it probably seem strange to them. And I've been tying to think about "why" since I hung up with her. I know it's "me" and it how I'm feeling at the moment, but I'm not very open about things to people. This feels more like a diary, it a great place to vent your current feelings. It's like a snapshot of that very moment. Nobody is always "the same", in the same frame of mind etc. I get a tad emotional when I get my (not as small as I'd like) butt firmly ensconced on my little chair!! I'm sure all you bloggers out there know what I mean.

The other thing is, I'm not going to sit down and do nothing but complain! Who wants to read that? Besides, my family and friends can just call me if they want to hear me talk about how I'm annoyed that my sweetie pup Snoopy won't stop eating his own poop! Or, like I have no idea what I'm making for dinner, but I sure don't feel like making anything healthy. That's not what my blog is about!

My blog is for the emotional outlet of me! To write about things and experiences that are happening that bring reflection and joy.... something I've never been able to grasp and hold on to and appreciate. So, while it may not sound like "me" and how I normally talk about daily events, it is how I want to remember the good things about today in anticipation of the third most life changing event of my life - our second child.

You are a dear sister and I love you (not really, I just thought it would sound nice here)!

xoxo Lor
Ps. Michelle, if you read this, it'd be nice to get a "comment" from you at least once!! ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A day from Heaven (in disguise)

Well, I'm not really sure where to begin other than to use my tissue to wipe the tears yet again that have been streaming from my eyes for over an hour now.... They are tears of rejoicing and awareness and fulfillment. I feel so utterly grateful and content with our life and everything (well, maybe not everything, let's not get too crazy here) about it. Sorry, had to wipe, and blow, and wipe again. I should be okay for a bit.

Michael is on a jumbo jet as I type this on his way home from a week long stay in London on business (surprise). I am anxious to see him, he hasn't traveled in a few weeks and I started to get used to him being home for dinner and tuck in's with Nicholas. Nobody can read a bedtime story like Daddy-

It all started out quite a bit ago but I won't get into the tidbits of that. Today began with some frightful news of a job (of mine) going way over expected cost.... Not to mention that the job had already been ordered and it happened to be a friend of ours and my most important client!!! I got hold of the information and relayed it to my friend via email...

Then, as fate would have it, I had an appointment with a neighbor who is in the same field as I am.... We discussed doing business together for a short time until I can get my "stuff" together to open my own showroom space in a nearby town. The most amazing thing is, that in all of my quests to find like minded people like me around the country, there was one right around the corner. This man (I didn't really realize it until the waterworks started tonight) actually was a gift. His philosophy on business is exactly the same as mine was when I started (and he's been doing it for twenty years), FAMILY FIRST. As we were chatting, he kept mentioning why he moved his business to his home, and, it started to remind me, "this was the reason I started my own business". He kept referring to his family so warmly and lovingly. We even spoke about adoption and he mentioned that he and his wife have considered it for some time now even though they have older children.

So, turns out, we will have a short business relationship, but I am sooo looking forward to spending time around he and his daughter (who is helping with the business) as it will keep me focused on the important things. I don't need to get crazy ideas of a retail showroom that will surely draw in a good amount of business, but who am I kidding? We're adopting a child soon (ish) that is going to need alot of attention. I don't want to be out of the house every day. I don't want Nicholas to be raised by others (we love you Yaya,Papa,Grandma,Grandpa) and the same for the new babe. It was just a nice, nice, meeting. Period. Until.....

I got home, checked email and answering machine half expecting a very "not happy" message from my friend/client.... nothing. Made dinner, watered stuff outside, bathed Nick, etc. etc...

So Nicholas was unwinding watching his daily evening show and I heard an email come through... I was washing dishes and couldn't get right to it, but was expecting an email from my friend whom I had delivered bad news to. When I was done washing, I came over to my computer and opened the email, took a deep breath, and read... Can I just tell you that the email that I read was so calm, understanding, and sweet. She understood that there was a price change and asked about how we could maybe cut the cost. She was so amazing and even wrote: there is alot of news out there that is worse. I don't exactly know what I was expecting in a response from them, but I was so amazed at the one I got that I just sat there/here and re-read it....

All of a sudden, all of today started to hit me! My gorgeous, precious little boy laying just a few feet away (sleeping) on the couch, our dear one year old puppy on his throne behind me (the wing back chair), my husband on a jet plan racing home to us, and what really hit me... were the kind acts of others that made me sit up and take notice that God is here and He is trying to talk to me.... Well, I HAVE LISTENED! That's when the tears started!!!!!!

It has been spelled out loud and clear, no retail showroom, not yet!! I can move forward with the baby steps that I'm going to take to help me and my clients for now - that is enough! Friendship and kindness of others can far exceed your expectations! Don't take your children for granted, they grow and move on before you know it. Rejoice in Today - Rejoice in Today!

May God Bless anyone who took the time to read this rant! xoxo

Monday, September 17, 2007

What a great organization-

In my constant quest for something interesting to post on our blog, I began doing internet searches and found this one. I must say that I'm delighted beyond words to finally find something that I'm not copying from someone else's blog (maybe I am and have never seen theirs). This is the organization founded by Bono....

One of the reasons that I loved this website which I've added to my links section under "DATA" is that it shows maps and issues around different parts of Africa. More than that, it shows facts and gives success stories. It's refreshing to see that the world is helping them and it's making a difference. It's going to take a heck of a long time, but there is alot of hope when you realize the individuals, countries, and monies that are being made available to Africa and that so many people are stepping up to the plate big time - especially the U.S.A.

Please take a few minutes of your time and if you visit the site. The interactive maps and the success stories were wonderfully easy to use and very informative. This organization is helping to change the face of a continent - one country at a time. Awareness is only the first step, the second step is either doing something, anything to help (even giving during the American Idol "Idol Gives Back") or teaching someone else around you the facts. It's a small world and you never know what impact you could have....... until you try.

Thanks for reading -

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Glimpses of Hope-

This video needs no words - found it on another family's blog...

Glimpses of Hope

Dad's Surprise 70th Birthday Party!!
No new's only been two weeks, though.
Above are some photos from Paul's 70th surprise birthday party yesterday. Paul's immediately above on the left, with his older brother Peter on the right.
Lori, Nick and I hosted the soire with the family and some of Paul's oldest friends dating back to grade school.