Friday, February 29, 2008

Asher Leul

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

quick update-

I just spent the better part of an hour on a post here and left it to eat dinner alone (again - MP home tomorrow VERY late)... After re-reading my un published post I decided to delete it as it was one of my "introspective" posts and would get my friends and family worried about my well being and mental state, again! :) It was really a positive post, but emotional, in a good way!

So, I'm here now to post that I've deleted the post and will possibly come up with something half interesting tomorrow, or not...

A video update is over-due and I'll get right on it - probably tomorrow! I've something very important for tomorrow SO BE SURE TO COME BACK AND SEE... TOMORROW! (get the subtle theme, tomorrow)! ;)

Sleep well angels - until tomorrow,

Monday, February 25, 2008

All things Nicholas!

This is for you Daddy so you can see me while you're away! Love YOU, Nicholas! xo

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little bit of this, and that!

Since MP is away in China for the week (left at 5 am on Sat) Nick and I went to my sisters house for a little "hike/walk" in the woods behind her home. It was so fun because we went with her boyfriends children as well. They all get along great, what a treat!

Awwww..... pretty snow coming down from the trees (thanks Jim for the help)!

MP doing what's natural, checking emails and responding while at the Dr's for our shots!

Nick and his buds - Emma, Madi, Kyle - too cute!

One of my BBF's sent this little package to me a couple of weeks ago! The beautifully wrapped gift was the "On The Move" book - wonderful! Thank You Emily! xoxo

MY favorite ALL TIME FILM! Aurora Greenway - I love you!

No explanation needed, especially with my readers! :)

I'm an Al Pacino fanatic - he is worshiped by me - Love this film!

De Niro at his finest - among other in the film- beautiful art-

Just watched this recently and it touched me beyond words -

One of my favorite classics!

The first film I ever saw in film school, it left a mark on me!

Great Classic Movie!

I LOVE Kevin Spacey!!! And this movie!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Check it out-

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How is it possible?

After my lengthy last post I came accross this from our WHFC yahoo group! It IS Tremendous and I'm very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Saving Lives Creating Hope"~


I vowed never to do this, but it is in the top of my head and I really don't want to post more stupid pictures of a family in waiting! :)

If you have 15 minutes to spare, this was a short documentary collaborated by Warner Bros. and PEPFAR. Click on the picture of the beautiful girl in yellow.

Love him or hate him our president has been phenomenal with regards to his efforts and success to date in Africa. He has been more pro-active and generous (with our money) than any other president in history and even his critics acknowledge this as fact.... I thought I'd pay homage to our president since he just returned today from his five country visit to Africa with the First Lady.

This video is something that came up when I googled what his plans were while in country and how the days of his trip unfolded... This is the video that I'm responding to below;

I was conflicted as to whether or not to post this video because when I first watched it I couldn't help but think, "gee, this is awfully cheery when this continent is suffering very badly even today". But after I watched it I got to thinking (scary)... While there is a TON more work to do in Africa, there is also GOOD happening right now. We are so accustomed to witness dread and horror when we see pictures or stories of Africa because that's what sells, and that's what gets people to open their wallets. But, good IS happening, NOT enough yet, but it's happening. The problem (to me) is that the world responded FAR TOO LATE to the devastation that was unfolding - far too late doesn't begin to state how I feel.

Something that has come to my attention and to the core of me. This adoption doesn't help Africa or Ethiopia one single bit. It helps this child, and it blesses our family, period.

I hate being thanked for adopting from Ethiopia. I get why they do it. One of the answers has got to be prevention in the first place. While I am coming out of my skin at the opportunity that we've been given to share something in common with this beautiful country (bringing one of her children here with us) and her countryman, I DO NOT want the need to be there in the first place.

Throwing money at the problem is NOT the only solution (soap box here - turn away now if you disagree), it's an integral part of the solution but in no means can be the solution. I don't know what the solution is...

I know that hands, helping real life hands alongside with Ethiopians are another part of the solution. This is why I am committed to returning to Africa/Ethiopia in 2009/2010 to actually help in a physical way. I don't know how exactly, but I do know that it will happen.

To all of my "readers" (all five), I'm doing research now and am hoping to build a team or teams to go with me/us.... anyone interested???? Please????? I know that some of you have already expressed an interest and that's what got the ball rolling in my head that perhaps it won't just be me and MP that does this -

Let's help in our own teeny tiny way. Let's help them by letting us build with them. You can give a man a fish, but you're better to teach him how to fish..... (I'm sure I screwed this up, I can never remember cliche's correctly, please forgive me). Anyway, we surely won't be the success of the country, but hey, there's literally nothing to lose and much to gain.

I'm doing my traditional rambling and I truly hope to have not offended anyone. If I have however, please discontinue viewing my blog as of now! Just kidding! Seriously, I mean no harm in my opinions and this is MY blog to voice them - I encourage debate, but ask that you not be disrespectful in your comments (all five)! ;)

One step closer~

We had our appointment with the travel clinic today and it went great (well, as good as shots can be great)! We were there for almost two hours, our doctor was fantastic and very thorough and informative. Luckily, I'm a nut job and had visited the CDC website a million times already so I didn't get freaked out like I would've had I gone in blindly! We'll start looking for the special kind of mosquito nets that he recommended soon! We didn't need to go there so soon since we don't even (ehmm) have a referral, but I had made the appointment quite a bit ago on the presumption that we would.... It was basically painless, but now one of my arms hurts when I lift it over my head! We took pictures, but I look absulutley horrid - I ended up have to take off my shirt because it didn't go up over my shoulder... The one day I'm not in comfy cotton right!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What about Bob?

While I was up last night from around 2am to 5am lying in bed, my mind was all over the place. One of the little things that crept into my thoughts was that we can't really even do something as simple as pick out a name for our new child. We don't know the actual age or gender of what will be our referral. It's pretty safe to assume that it will be a two year(ish) old child. We have kind of decided to just hold off thinking of names until we see the picture of him/her and learn their given name. There are several options we're considering...

1. Keeping their name entirely
2. Keeping their first name and giving them a new middle name of which we'll call them by.

3. Giving them a new first name and keeping their original first name as their middle name.

4. Changing everything all together (doubtful).

With all of the wonderful families that have traveled since we began blogging, and the ones still to follow in their path, I got to thinking about all the neat and very current name choices that these families have chosen. Here are some just to name a few (in no particular order)that other families have chosen to name their children;

Asher Leul
Elianna Ray
Ian Parker
Silas (this was chosen by at least two families)

And it made me wonder... WHAT ABOUT BOB?

Introducing Erica and David's little Silas!!

Erica and David's new man!
This had Michael and I crying laughing at his utter sense of humor and beauty. And how well is he adjusting to his new family? You decide.... this was taken at the airport on their way home from Addis Ababa, only days after they were united as a forever family. Send your blessings their way - not that they need to be blessed anymore!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The amazing Walker family finally united!!!

Danni, Tommy, and baby Jude

Momma and babe (she's a natural)

Papa and babe (he's a natural)

Look at his beautiful little lips! And he's such a little chunk nut! So sweet!
Well, the Walker family is on their way home tonight (now "our time")... How exciting. I just can't wait to hear of their experiences while in Addis Ababa and all the details of their son.
Have a "quick" trip home - be safe!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Introducing Asher Leul - NO, not ours!

For those of you who don't live in the blog world... THIS IS NOT A REFERRAL POST!

Bethany and Jeff's little boy....... He is just delicious and has the sweetest face ever!! I can't wait to meet him one day and we're overjoyed that they leave Oregon March 7th to visit his motherland and bring him home!!! I am madly in love with this little cherub!

Monday, February 11, 2008

And yes, one more - gee... is MP away???

I stole this from two other blogs and couldn't resist. The accents are hilarious to boot!!!! Nick kept saying, "mommy, that's not funny, it's not nice to bite". I tried to explain why I was crying laughing but I think it was pointless because he keeps looking at me odd!!! :)

Weekly Video Update!

Please know that I put on a TON of makeup to look like a serious anchor, but it doesn't really show here because it came out very dark for some reason, it just looks like I'm really ugly - Also, the jacket was on purpose too. I did take off my baseball cap though.

First of a couple posts today!

(I hate doing a post without some kind of picture - Disney 2007)

Keep your eye out for my weekly video update - I think it'll be later today/tonight.

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited to a dear friends home for dinner! MP and I haven't spent time with Paula and Ross in waaaayyy toooo long. It wasn't just any dinner, they had an amazing fellow come in to cook for us.... We were so spoiled with a delicious five course meal and nobody had to lift a finger! I'm so mad that I forgot my camera!!!!!!

They just finished building the most lovely home in Exeter - it's just gorgeous. I was very lucky to help out with the kitchen and baths and even a little pub kitchen in the "guys hangout" space! I wish I had a picture or picture(s) to post! :(

Paula and I met several years ago (in our former lives) when we worked together - we hit it off right away which is funny because we are quite different in many ways - for instance, she's almost normal while I'm not even close!! We've kept in touch through the years and try to get together at least a few times a year - we need to UP that!

We spent almost five hours with them and it went by like it was one hour! We must get together more to catch up on life - and I am a big believer in personal chefs, what a treat!!!

Thanks guys and little critters - it was perfect!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just because!

I forgot this one on the first posting, but I found this "gear" for Nicholas the other day and had to get it!!! He LOVES to help me cook! Now we just need a new kitchen. Know anybody to help us re-design our kitchen - ohhh the things I could do!!! :)

My mother in law and I at the stupid superbowl party!

Jamie; this is for you, this was taken by MP last week in Milan - Smeg appliances

Happy Daddy (obviously pre-game)

Nick and Beana (Christina - cousin/slave)

Kiki and Jim - Awww

Me and Nick last Feb. at Disney being queer!
We're headed back pretty soon (just he and I) :(

I'm doing this for the greater good of all blog stalkers! There's nothing going on in "blog world" these days, maybe it's widespread, or perhaps it's just the circle I "run around with"!

Anywho - just for fun! Superbowl pictures and a few others!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Post!

Auntie Kiki - Nicholas (@ 1 week) - Papa

Me & Michael in Napa 1/06 - Mustard seed

Snoop Dog

I actually took this myself @ Animal Kingdom 2/07

Nancy and I @ her wedding 8/06! She just gave birth to their son two days ago!
(I'm the short one)

Is this guy cool or what!?! My dad - sometime in the dark ages!

My mom used to give me home perms - now you see why I have deep seeded issues!

Our front yard last year.... crazy eh'???

If you're anything like me (for your sake I hope not) then there's nothing more annoying than checking blogs often and not seeing any updates. I am guilty of this of late! My apologies!

I guess I haven't felt very "chatty" lately, but it's not that I don't have thoughts or emotions.

Today I'm still feeling sorry for the fact that our team lost "the big one"... not that it's THAT big of a deal, but it would've been cool. Also, today is super Tuesday.... we'll just have to wait and see if it actually ends up "super". It all depends on who your horse is I suppose. Whatever happens will be just fine (right)?

Here are some very random photo's just because it's fun to see pics. MP had my camera all last week while he was in MILAN on business - poor guy! Now I cannot seem to find my computer cable to upload the pics. from our not-so-superbowl party! Also, a new video should be coming along one of these days too!

There are several families that are on the brink and one family that is in Ethiopia right now!

Erica and David are picking up their beautiful little boy and just left the other day!! One of my BBF's Danni and Tommy are leaving on Thursday to pick up their baby Judah!! Jocelyn will be leaving in a couple of days for her daughter Pacey, and The Breedlove's will be picking up her little bouncing baby boy Nathan in a couple of days also!! A big flurry of travel!

We wish them all the most tremendous big hugs and well wishes as they journey to the motherland of their children. What a gift!

There has been little to no activity with our agency (and it seems most) lately. MP and I are sort of passing on the month of February being "the month" and are feeling more like March!

Things may start to move again soon, but it'll all be very soon relativly speaking. We certainly have no control whatsoever so why bother stewing! Don't get me wrong - it's in every fiber of every day for me, but just not in a crazy out of control way! :)

There will be a blog union organized by Drew and Carey (if you're not in the blog circle this will make no sense) the first weekend in August in the bestest place in our beautiful and great country... California!!

I'm so excited, but so thinking that we won't be able to attend! If we don't travel to ET until this summer, there's no way we can book flights for CA (don't forget we live on the East Coast).

Plus, Michael's annual family reunion is in South Carolina this year on July 4th - Myrtle Beach. They (and we) desperatly want us to go, so if we're home and our little one (boy/girl - insert name here) is adjusting well, that will be our priority for travel...... :(

We'll have to just wait and see! It's kind of nice not knowing what the next step your life will look like. That's so different than how I'm used to living, but the carefree-ness is freeing. I have to admit that I suffer from a teeny tiny dose of OCD! The good kind, not the crazy kind!

Toodles for now!