Friday, November 30, 2007


This wonderful family just received their referral for a stunningly beautiful baby boy yesterday!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fantastic article about Ethiopia's deep religeous roots.

Check out this really interesting article posted by Budget Travel. Thanks Mom for sending it to me!

Check out my Slide Show!

My big boy!

Nick got his picture taken while at the mall with his grandparents! Cutie pie!!! He looks like he's praying!


I had to take this with my blackberry since my camera is no longer a working electronic! It's fuzzy, but you get the idea! To anyone who read the previous post about the location of the tree, I spent two hours myself re-arranging the living room furniture, dis-assembling the tree from the opposite side of the room, and re-assembling the tree in it's "proper" location! Michael walked in while I was connecting the last string of lights and rolled his eyes and walked away. I said "what"? He replied, "you just had to do it didn't you?" If it isn't obvious, I'm delighted to be able to see the tree every time I'm in the kitchen or walking to my desk!!

Here are a few of the cupcakes from Nick's party! They were fun to make (all 24) and more fun to eat!! We tried to do the hair appropriate to fact, that is why Papa only has two little pieces sticking up!! :)

On the adoption front, today was a very good day. We get weekly updates from our agency and there has been alot of activity with referrals etc. now that everything seems to be back on track in Ethiopia as far as the courts go. There will probably be another delay around Christmas, but not like the two month court closing they had this fall!

My best guess based on activity is that we'll be getting our call within the next two to three months!! That puts us at around a six month wait which is what they told us. Let's hope so!

And lastly, this is a picture of the old prison turned luxury hotel in Boston. Unfortunately, the phone doesn't do it justice! Very cool place.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is the same weather we had four years ago today when I gave birth to precious Nicholas!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The tree is up!

I'll try to be brief in explaining the last post... Let's just say that my eye testing (all day) went great and my eyes have not worsened as had been expected. You see, I'm blessed with a genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa... It's a hereditary disease that my father has. So every few years I have to go be a "lab rat" and give them my day for testing, measuring, blood etc. for researching a cure and monitoring my eyesight. They had told me that I was going to lose at least 10% of my vision when I got pregnant and it was a loss we were willing to take given the blessing of pregnancy and motherhood.

To keep it short, not only have I NOT lost the 10% they predicted since my last visit, but I didn't lose anything else from just aging a few more years!!! Woo hoo! My greatest hope and prayer is that Nicholas has not received the gene(s) responsible for the blindness that it entails. He will be able to be tested with me the next time I go in two years. Pray for him!

Michael and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Boston the day after being in Boston for my eye stuff! It was a wonderful treat to be out in the city with him two days in a row - alone...
We checked out the coolest hotel that used to be a prison! Very swanky - $500 a night for their basic room - eek! So, we just hung out at the lobby bar called "Clink" and had a nice glass of wine. I could go on, but who cares, it's only a hotel!

The Ethiopian restaurant was very good, but I don't know if I'm going to have cravings for it, perhaps if we go there again the tastes won't be something new and will be less of an "experience" and more of a fun night out! The people that were working there were unmistakably Ethiopian. It's funny how you can spot that in a second when you go through this process. Their features and characteristic's were just striking and to say that we can't wait to go to Ethiopia is a tremendous understatement. Our waitress was gracious, and gorgeous. We told her toward the end of our little adventure that we're adopting and she thanked us! What the heck! Don't thank us - please - we thank these wonderful people for allowing us the honor and gift of a child from their country. It was embarrassing to say the least and I almost had an ugly cry moment (not unusual for me to cry during a meal as I get overwhelmed with gratitude when eating - does that tell you how much I love and cherish food or what).

We left the restaurant arm and arm and approached my car. Let me back up here and tell you that I did a map quest before leaving our house to the nearest parking garage to the restaurant. I like parking garages, they're safe, and it gives you the opportunity to walk a bit and take in the sights... Well, my darling husband insisted that I park "on the street". I didn't want to start any conflict and just went along after expressing my opinion. So, we parked on the street. Wouldn't you know that when we got to my car, the front bumper and side molding were laying on the ground!!!! GRRR. There was a wonderful lady standing on her "stoop" on the phone with the police and shouted to us because she had seen the whole incident happen - thank goodness. He hit my car, took a swig of booze, and then drove off!!!! She took his plate number -(bless her soul, I'm sending her a card and a gift card too.) As we were driving home I heard another part of my car fall off on the highway.

For those of you who don't know the ordeal of my poor car/truck, in the last 15 months:

$11,000 damage from a crazy hail storm with hail the size of BASEBALLS
$6,000 damage from a man in a big truck who T-boned me (on my way to a wake - still receiving physical therapy/testing from the injury)
$????? damage from a hit and run in Boston

Needless to say, I may be one of those stupid people we all see at Christmastime with a new car and a huge bow on it (from dear old me)!!! My car is obviously "marked" and it's time to say goodbye!

I'm excited to get a new vehicle, but the timing is very, very, very bad to cough up the cash!

On one final note, the tree is up!!!!! Not decorated yet, and Michael insisted on a new location which I don't agree with (my tongue is actually bleeding it's so bad in the new spot) but in the grand scheme of life, I can deal with it! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boston - Boston - Ethiopian Rest. - ANOTHER WHAT?

We went to Boston yesterday (Thursday) for an all day exam at Mass Eye and Ear - not fun but great, miraculous news!

We went to Boston today (Friday) for drinks and dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.

We left Boston (almost) with a damaged vehicle (again)! UGH... My SUV is marked I swear!!!!!!! Three incidendents in a year and a half (none my fault), luckily, we're fine, not a scratch - darn drunk driver!!!!! GRRRRRR. More info and pictures to come!

Life is good, right? ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fantastic news from a local waiting family!!

"We are SO EXCITED to tell you that we are leaving in two weeks to bring home our new son, Bogale! He is now legally our son, and we will be leaving Thursday, December 6 or Friday, December 7 for Ethiopia! We'll be gone for about a week, returning the following weekend. What a wonderful Christmas surprise!!!!!!!!"

This is the email that I just received from a local WHFC friend! I'm excited beyond words for their family and I ask that you all pray for their safe travel and wonderful trip home to the most wonderful country, U.S.A.! Yay!!!!!!!
Tired after a long day of decorating! I wish I could post my personalized cupcakes that Michael and I spent four hours making the evening before - my sister has to send the pic. to me!
One of Nick's favorite gifts - the Cars mountain challenge! It's very cool, Snoopy likes it too!

Nick with all the neighborhood girls, which he fondly refers to as "my girls"! Do I see the word "pimp" in the future for this kid??

Michaels Mom, Nick, Lori's Mom

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hallmark (RED) competition!

I know that there are alot of you that are VERY creative based on your beautiful blogs etc.
Here's our chance to do something fun this time of year!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy before bedtime!

Well, I've not been sleeping at ALL in the past few weeks which makes "mommy very cranky"! :) This is my attempt to be like the "Shining" and all, but a poor attempt!

Anywho, I've been falling asleep at 2:00 ish every night and it's for a whole host of reasons:
1. Adoption? (who knew)
2. Adoption? (I know)
3. Empathizing with the pain of others, badly, this is a condition that I suffer with and also feel blessed with.
4. Nick - not enjoying his new "big boy room".... I didn't bother posting about this whole literal "nightmare" that we've been trying to cope with every night. Finally, keeping things short, he's back in his "big boy room" ( I realize that you didn't know that he left it) and is the proud big brother of the new "lit" Christmas tree IN his room (it's a smallish, like 36" high one on his bureau). It illuminates his room while pushing the Halloween monsters back where they belong! I won't say exactly where they belong, but you parents out there know for sure! He is excited and calmed by having the "lit" tree in his room because it gives off such a warm and wonderful light throughout the room and it also emphasizes that Jesus (and Santa) are watching over him and his room at night. We also told him that monsters HATE anything to do with Christmas and Christmas trees. The tree will scare away any monsters or spiders left over from Halloween.

Can I just say that as a parent I feel like a total B.S. artist.... I don't know if I'm the only one just "going with the flow" here, but I just don't know if I'm doing more harm than good. My only reference point is my upbringing (eek) and those parents around me etc.... I "think" we're doing O.K., but I guess I won't know until my son is older??? All we can do is try, try, try, try, try, and when that fails, try again!~

Nick's party is tomorrow and we just finished doing a bunch of shopping and work on the special individual cupcakes for his guests!!! I'm hoping to fall asleep very soon - bringing my new "mild" Sudoku to bed - I actually finished one today and Michael said, " isn't that the very mild version?" What a pip!

I can always do the easy versions and seem to do good on the hard versions until I get half way through and realize that something has gone drastically wrong! At that point I just turn the page and start a new one or close the book and give up! Perhaps that's why I haven't tried again until this week when a new "mild" Sudoku book seemed to have entered our home mysteriously...

Seriously, Michael brought it home for me a few days ago! Hey, who wants diamonds and flowers anyway? Not me! I'd much rather feel like an ignoramus with a word game considered "mild"! For those of you who barely know me, my sarcasm is pretty high right now and this is a typical jokeing and silly moment!

I will post a bunch in the next day or so. Wish my $800+ Sony digital camera wasn't "busted"...... again..... GRR!

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's official, I'm a total nut job!

While the tree isn't up quite yet (although it crossed my mind) I have officailly kicked off the holidays! I love Christmas and Thanksgiving so much and it seems to just fly by. That's one of the reasons I'm so happy to have bought a fake (but beautiful) tree a few years ago. I can keep it up until New Years Day!!

And yes, I started playing my collection of Christmas music last week and this morning especially since my heart is so full of joy for a sweet angel boy that will be joined with his forever parents and family very soon.

The fact that the temps. are dropping like crazy up here in New Hampshire helps get you into the spirit too! Let the holiday's begin!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I cannot beleive it!

That precious little boy was matched TODAY! Our social worker called me to give me the news and you could have blown me over with a feather! He had been "waiting" in the orphanage for 10 months....

It must have been all the thoughts and prayers flying around for him! I feel sooo good! This was and is right for him and for us! Amazing how things unfold -

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thank You

Thanks so much to all of you that have sent prayers our way and given such nice comments. I know it's a bit "cryptic" as to what the heck is/was going on and I still (and probably never) cannot get into full details of the circumstances and events that have unfolded since Monday.

I do owe you some information as we're all in this together, as dear Emily ( reminded me of a week or so ago when I was having a other emotional issues! Thanks Em', you're certainly becoming quite the rock these days...

Anyhow, as I am most certainly long winded, I'll keep this brief. In fact, so brief, that nobody will have a clue at what I'm talking about! :)

Our agency has "waiting children". There is a beautiful boy who I've seen many times on our agencies weekly update. His picture is continuously coming up. He is stunning to look at to say the least with eyes as deep as the ocean... I had told myself, "self, if he is in the next update, you have to at least call and get more information on him and why he is considered "waiting".

So.... Monday, there he was again in the weekly update. I phoned, left a message, and chatted with someone on Tuesday about him and his condition. She then forwarded me all his information (which I cannot and would not share) with many pictures and much information. He was and is just an absolute LOVE. I reviewed it and cried for awhile. Then our wonderful social worker called very shortly thereafter (what a coincidence!) to see how I was feeling about things etc. We talked for a bit and he really grounded me and reminded me that I am not a "superhero" (he didn't use that term) and it isn't our job to go around the world rescuing people once we get to know their story. This is a hard, hard, hard and true fact. He said that we must think about this with heads, and hearts, but with heads being most important and what we are willing and able to "take on" as a lifetime commitment.

Anyway, Michael was privileged enough to go see Van Halen with a good friend and had VIP status! So, last night was a night for me to really think, pray, and think long and hard. I cried for hours, sometimes like a child not able to catch his breath - the "ugly" cry. Looking for clarity and peace with what I know is the right decision for our family and for this precious little cherub. I knew and know that the right decision is that we won't be requesting to be matched with him. I cry just writing it because you almost feel like you've been tapped on the shoulder and that you're saying "NO" to someone that honestly, we aren't worthy of raising. He is too special for us. I feel so selfish and arrogant, no matter what anyone says, you cannot help but feel that way.
Now, I desperately beg you to send your prayers to this little boy who is in need for his forever family - That they are ready, willing and able for the challenges coming, and that his time is short before he is united with his forever family. And lastly, that God be gracious with his little life and health and give him every chance at a long, loving life. I know that he will be in my thoughts and prayers for a very long time - And I know that he will be fine, God have mercy.

I am thankful that we requested the information on him, and I am regretting that I requested information on him. This whole adoption thing really turns you inside out.

So, in closing, we are patiently waiting for our referral - and that's that...

I am at peace, and I don't take for granted for one minute that it isn't because of you friends out there and God (of course) that have put me in this place. There are much tougher times ahead I'm sure, but this was quite a stretch for my emotions as you can imagine at this time.

Anyone with questions or clarification, please note your question and email address and I'll be happy to respond.

Again, Thank You for your heartfelt prayers and thoughts! Now, it's time to move forward and look for the gifts of things to come for all of us! I praise God for giving me this gift of learning about this dear babe - I may not know why things are the way they are, but I do know that I will have full clarity on this situation down the road - hey, isn't that what faith is all about?

xoxo Lor

ps. On a side note; (I'm such a freak), my face is almost 100% healed and will post a photo soon! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Please help...

I have nothing to say except to ask for you to send a prayer our way. Today has been a very, very roller coaster day (well, this afternoon and on I should say). I cannot fill you in on the details right now, but it is very much adoption related. Michael is out tonight, which leaves me home alone to be very unsettled and upset. I feel very empty and sad...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monster B-Gone

First, a quick update on the "nothing" that's happening adoption wise at this point!
One more week down and many more to go! It seems (although not told by our agency) that our time frame may be looking a little longer. Since the times for the folks waiting for infants has increased quite a bit, it looks more and more like those folks are upping their age request and are going to be in the age group of Michael and I. Since they have been waiting longer, they get in front of us in line basically. Again, this is only my own "assessment" based on recent weekly updates from the agency and referral activity. Hopefully things will begin picking up alot in the next month or so. And thank goodness all the children currently in the orphanages are finally getting their court dates and coming home!!! We are just thrilled for these families getting to travel very soon, and for the children to get the heck with their parents already!! :)

In the meantime, we are getting ready for Nick's birthday party next Sunday - 4 years old!!
And the holiday season is kicking off from there! We started purchasing some Christmas presents for him this week as we're still hoping that around Christmas we could get a referral and be crazy busy getting his/her room done, shots, travel preparedness stuff. It doesn't hurt to hold out a bit of hope, and it doesn't hurt to get some shopping done before things get nuts with the rest of the world trying to do their shopping. Realistically, we will receive our referral sometime in February -ish and travel in April.... Who knows, it's all speculation at this point.

The Monster B-Gone story:
We moved Nicholas in his Big Boy Room a few weeks ago in case you missed that post, and things were great. He's always been a wonderful and brave sleeper. When he turned eight weeks old he started sleeping through the night and never even needed a night light! It seems that a week or so after moving into his new room, everything changed. Now every night he wakes up scared that there are spiders under his bed and invisible monsters in his room. We think that Halloween, and gearing up for Halloween has made an impact on him that it hasn't in the past. Just think about it, even at your local Wal-Mart, you can't help but seeing all these tall ghoulish dead guys around the end of every end cap as display! Poor kid. It has made our nights very difficult lately as we've been so spoiled with his nigh time patterns his whole little life! I joked with Michael and told him that God is preparing us for a child that will require more attention when it comes to bed time. Of course I know that at the beginning with the new babe, things will be very different around here, they'll be sleeping in our bed, on the floor in our room, in Nick's room, who knows, we'll have to play that one by ear depending on our childs needs, but you can't blame me for hoping we get a sound sleeper!! :) We've been sleeping on the floor in Nick's room most nights since this began and then my dear husband came up (from internet research) with this wonderful idea yesterday. Mind you, I've been telling Nick that, "there are NO monsters etc." all this time, but we tried a different approach last night. We spent a few hours on the floor in his room playing games during the day hoping to make fun and safe memories in his new room. When bedtime came upon us the proverbial S*IT hit the fan all over again. A little background of events earlier yesterday; in anticipation of this happening (even though we were going to play with him alot in there), Michael made a special monster concoction. Water with a hint of orange food coloring put into a spray bottle. This is widely known as "Monster B-Gone" spray. We removed the old "Windex" label and we made a new one hand decorated by Daddy himself! If my camera wasn't broken (another Halloween story) I'd post a picture.... I can do it with my Blackberry though! Ok, will do in a bit!

Anyway, so, between the "Monster B-Gone" spray and a special "Monster B-Gone" flashlight we thought it would "save the day". Michael armed and presented these special items when Nick was really getting geared up (scared). He said, "ok Nick, I didn't want to have to give you these because they're very important, but I will because I think you can handle them"! It was so funny because all the while I'm in the background saying " no, Michael, he's not ready, he's too little"! It really made Nicholas very interested in his new stuff and confident that he was in control of his room. It didn't last very long because after about a half hour, he was calling us from his room and crying again. We finally got him to sleep but he woke up sometime in the middle of the night and tried to get into our bed.. Now, to some of you folks; you may not agree, but this is how we try to parent our son, we don't want him to sleep with us, but rather we will sleep with him in these instances. So, Michael got out of bed and tucked Nick in. He then told Nicholas that he was going to "stand guard" at Nick's door until Nick was asleep again. Michael stood there for the better part of an hour (or so I was told this morning because he let me sleep) and then came back to bed. Nicholas came in our room this morning (as per every morning) and hoped in bed with us for our morning "snuggle time" (best part of my day). He was very proud of himself and said "thanks, or "sanks" to Dad for standing guard. Then he announced that "he's not afraid of his room anymore"!

We'll see how tonight goes..... to be continued!

Lastly, The Patriots are going to kick The Colts' butts today!!!! Wooo- Hoooo! Go Brady!