Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The story of "us"...

These two pups is where the story begins...

I was "sharing" living arrangements with a "friend" for some time... ehm, he wasn't fond of my precious doggie Tooney (golden) coming in to "my" bedroom. He was a bit of a clean freak and didn't want dog hair in there! How dare he! Things weren't going good to begin with so I decided it was time to buy a place of my own!

When I went to the bank to apply for a loan I sat with one of the loan officers. She asked why I was interested in the condo. development that I was hoping to buy into. I told her that it was because they accept dogs (after written approval from the board) and that I wanted nothing more than to be able to sleep with my dog again. There is NOTHING better than a dog to snuggle with - right?! Well, except kids, sometimes!

Bought the place and loved it! Obviously, I had to walk my little guy Tooney for "business" and exercise. After living in my new pad (friend no longer in the picture) for a couple months, Toon and I started to encounter a not-so-friendly girl also on her walks around the community. Her name was Henrietta (if you're smart you know where this is going). Henrietta and her Daddy would always be out when we were. Not so good! You see, Henry was a bit fiesty when it came to other animals. Like, if we'd pass each other she'd try to rip Tooneys head off (no kidding). It became very clear early on that I would need to scan the area before picking the direction of our walk.... I WOULD NOT go through the fear of that nasty dog anymore!!! The lips up, the growing, the drooling... it was ugly with a capital U!

One quiet Sunday afternoon I went out to give Tooney a quick walk before watching my favorite NE Patriots on the tube. I looked like crap (sweats/tee) and just wanted to do a very speedy poop! While I was outside guess who approached me (dog-less)? Henrietta's Dad! I was freaking out because I didn't feel like chatting and just a week before when I had driven by him walking his dog my knees began knocking together uncontrollably! Oh dear, please, swerve and unlock your car door, don't be coming towards ME!

He say's "hey", "how are you"? (I'm not going to get into the two minute mundane back and forth). He ended our encounter (which I now know he planned) with an invitation to "a glass of wine sometime"... I was annoyed and a little disappointed when I saw him up close (what a jerk I was). But I was intrigued and excited about sharing a glass of vino at some point. Back then, if someone says "we should sometime" I would leave it up to them to actually propose a specific invite... what's "sometime" to someone who hates a drop in visitor - evil!!! I'm not going to just go knock on his door for goodness sake - "oh Hi, are you up for that glass of wine now"... I don't think that's me!!!

NOTE: we lived next door to each other and (learned later) that our beds were actually back to back with only a wall between our headboards!

So, we had a few more encounters with the dogs over the course of a week or so and fate decided to step in since I sure wasn't going to make a move!

UPS had come to deliver my movie posters of Al Pacino (I know - gay). They left my delivery notice on HIS door instead of mine. I got a knock on the door by MP (you guessed it) with the notice. I was very flustered, took it and said thanks. He was on his way, phew! I got to thinking that if he really wanted that glass of wine, he should have my number! Right away (so as not to catch him busy) I went over to his condo and knocked on the door. He answered and I felt sooooo stupid! I said, "you had mentioned a week or so ago that you'd like to have a glass of wine sometime and I thought you might want my number so you could call me when you want to do that".... Egads! And with that I left. I had walked over with my business card and my personal number already written down!

Fast forward; he called probably a day later and I was literally up to my elbows making meatballs (for me and my dog)... I answered and it was him, he wanted wine, I told him what I was doing and invited him to come over to my place (next door) since I was elbow deep in meatballs! He said "yes". After an hour (I later learned that he was freaking out and showered etc. before coming when all the while I thought he was coming right over) he finally showed up! We spent the entire evening talking til 2:00am. Nothing romantic, just talking.... This is exactly how the following week was. Every night we hung out and talked from different pieces of furniture in the living room until 1, 2, 3:00 am! All week!

At the end of that first week he said, "let go out Sat. night for dinner"... I said, "like out of the complex"? "Yeah, downtown Newburyport, let's go" he said. I won't get into the following details as it's a book.

Three weeks later when we exchanged "I love you's" he told me that the second that he met me (in my sweats) face to face he saw his entire future flash before him of us together! Me, it took three weeks and I was IN LOVE!

So here is a VERY brief breakdown of the events over the past nine years!

NOTE: both of our doggies passed last year within six months of each other - they became soul mates to each other (after a dog behaviorist got involved).

This is us shortly after we met on our first trip to Cali... Wine country!!! Me, blonde!

Our engagement party! Robes were a gift from my old co-worker friends!

Last but not least, baby Nicholas! I already posted wedding pics. so thought it not needed!

Another note; 10 months after we met we bought our first home (new englander/victorian) together... after signing the paperwork on it we drove to the house, MP carried me over the threshold and placed me in front of the fireplace and proposed! And the journey began, we had our dream wedding just five months later!



Emily and Moody began their journey around the same time as MP and I with the same agency... Their official wait date was two weeks before ours... our paths crossed in a breezy way starting around September through my new find, blog world! Emily and I would comment often and it grew from there...

She is someone that I now consider a great friend, a real one! We talk on the phone and email regularly and I am very thankful for her friendship... I so look forward to watching the rest of this blessing unfold and rejoice with them in this wonderful news.

It astounds me how God works, I'm trying to figure out the reason for the change in agency path and what the lesson was there... Perhaps it was so we'd meet? Doubtful, but it will be clear at some point!

And lastly, I can't wait to see those faces and that glorious smile in person (not you, the kids)! I have to go wipe my face!
We will meet in person - it's posted on my mind's vision board!

New post!

But nothing to write, but I thought it fitting to do something since Easter is over!

I don't have the time or motivation to write the story of how MP and I met, but it's a great story!! Maybe later...

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thank you Emily for allowing me to use this (Avery too)! :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

New game???

Poor little Nicholas - look at the major wedge!!! I couldn't resist!!! Cracks me up every time!

There is nothing new to post, but I know that there are only a small amount of us "unreferred" folks left and so you're all waiting and checking, and waiting and checking! It's getting tough for me since there are only a few folks that I regularly stalk that are still waiting. This is good in one sense because it's got me blog stalking a ton less than say six months ago... Now I excitedly check for babe updates, but am not as frantic to constantly check like every hour!! There is a lot on my mind but for some reason I'm not feeling very expressive. I struggled to get myself to do a post, but it's been a whole week, that's just not like me!! :)

MP and I recently had an anniversary and so did Amy and Josh, and if my memory serves Stacy did too (?). On Amy's blog she told the wonderful story about how she and Josh met... There's nothing better than a love story and I began to think that it would be a treat to do a tag game (who doesn't like to be tagged) about how we met our hubby's... Now, this is a little sexist, and I don't want to leave anybody out, but let's face, the majority of us are married women. Feel free to adjust the story idea if you're tagging someone who doesn't fall into the married category.

This probably isn't fair because I don't have time to do mine right this minute, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling!

Adoption wise... zilch! Patience wise... metsa, metsa! Otherwise... Fan-freakin-tastic!

I don't have many readers so, if you're reading this post, consider yourself tagged!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tagged and 100th + post! :0

Okay, so I was recently tagged by three fellow bloggers, thanks girls!! I feel VERY special and honored to be thought of. Here's my dilema, it's also just past my 100th post... so, I've decided to be a non-conformist for once in my adult life and blend the two posts into one! The other Mrs. Parker, Christina, and Stacy tagged me, so for ten of these items I'll elaborate on them and tag some girls at the end!

1. I never knew what a blog was until after our dossier was sent

2. I shower with my back facing the showerhead

3. Infertility plagued us for a long time (and I'm so glad it did)

4. There were many times that I miscarried

5. Rain makes my heart happy and my soul calm

6. Christmas is the ultimate holiday, my heart beams

7. Michael fell in love with me at first sight, I fell in love with him in just three weeks

8. Cooking is great - need to entertain more

9. We love old homes

10. We love to renovate victorian/new englander homes

11. We were serial movers until 3.5 years ago loving to fix up old homes

12. Nicholas is the best boyfriend I've ever had

13. Work is meant to be another arm but not your whole body

14. Dogs are the best pets - especially our dog(s)

15. Tooney (passed) was the first love of my life

16. I am too much of a clean freak. It has come down many notches since having a child

17. Following "rules" is my problem (right Em)

18. Wine, need I say more, yes, more wine please, and make it a big bold red one!

19. While we're on the booze, martini - dry, very dry, with olives and a twist

20. My meatballs are the best on the planet (sorry mom and kiki - your's are awesome too)

21. Although this should've been #1, Jesus and our relationship is personal and fantastic

22. Family heritage and relationships are a deep part of my quest for my growth

23. Without friends, what is there?

24. Watching Daddy and Nicholas on the tractor doing the lawn makes my heart sink, every time

25. Our home is our respit

26. I need to be more patient - seriously!!

27. Kitchens are WONDERFUL and I want to do ours over

28. Michael is my soulmate - even though he bugs me often

29. I'm a tall 5'0" gal that only reached 100 pounds after high school (and I thought I was fat)!!

30. This is not my first marriage - everyone is gasping right?

31. We love to take pride in our home with yardwork and house projects

32. California is meant to be my home (at some point)

33. I was a "burnout" in high school (leather, drinking, tough, smoking etc.)

34. Film school should have been finished but was walked away for a wedding too young

35. I had a 27 hour long labor with Nicholas - with an epidural that didn't work the first time

36. Never apologize for a failed marriage if it was a truly horrible and bad one

37. Rhonda and I will grow old together no matter what life has in store for us w/our families

38. Sisters... God's other way to have a soulmate without being married

39. I am very intuitive with people and situations

40. In the PAST I've held everyone at a distance, never trusting, never wanting to explore

41. Personal growth is a must at every stage in our lives

42. Forgiveness is essential to move forward

43. My personality is sarcastic and funny most of the time, and once in a great while, warm

44. I need to lose weight - grrr - like 15 pounds, I hate "lifestyle change"

45. Mexican food and queso are like blood, I need it to survive

46. I have to make our bed the second that I get out of it, even before peeing!

47. Laundry stinks

48. Shopping is something of a chore - hate it - unless it's for gifts, then I love it

49. My inseam is something around 10" (not really, but close - long torso)

50. Watching Dave Matthews from the 2nd row w/my sis. and seeing the sweat roll down Dave's face is something that I must see again before I die - the music makes me turn into another being - it's weird - an outer body experience! Especially with tailgating beforehand!

60. Favortie store, Home Goods

61. Africa - need I say more, this one could be a book - I'll spare you since you're all on the same page with this one - I just love this continent

62. Ethiopia, this is another one that should be at the top of this list, but I'm just going along here folks and going through the emotions one at a time - I think it's fair to say that Ethiopia will be forever a place that I dream about and long to give my heart and soul to... as many of you.

63. Blogging and adoption has changed my life in more ways than are able to put into words

64. B.U. 08' - grrrrr - I'm not sour since I know I'll meet ya'll at some point! :)

65. I wish more people would drop their fertility treatments and look at the bigger picture

66. Nicholas is a gifted soul in many ways, he makes people smile and laugh, what else is there?

67. I'm petrified of bugs of ANY size shape or attitude

68. The dark is my enemy (like Amy)

69. We are great at entertaining and need to do it more

70. My grandmother lived to 100 and her other 9 siblings (but one) lived into their 90's

71. She also passed with all her own teeth, it is a family blessing, teeth that is! (Moody)! :)

72. Adoption is something that runs through our family in many unique ways, including my mom

73. My dad is blind and it's hereditary, I pray often and worry in silence about Nick deeply

73.5 I'm a die hard conservative - yes, you heard it here first - big time, but, I love people based on their personality and not by their political views...

74. I'm going blind but it won't hit real hard unti I'm quite old - thank you God

75. Did I mention wine yet??? Love it! :)

76. The Mount Washington Hotel is pure peace and tranquility for MP and I

77. We had the most magnificant wedding (for us)

78. I had a nose job - my nose was a big ole guniea beak - oh yeah - at age 19!

79. My heart is so heavy for orphans

80. Friends can be close in distance or very far away, and they are still real

81. I'm afraid to talk to people out of my circle and if it's not related to work - getting better

82. I often cry out to dinner, strange but true, I'm overcome w/emotions of joy and gratitude

83. If the doorbell rings when Nick and I are alone, I hide and don't answer it

84. I don't like "drop-in" visits - it freaks me out (unless it's the neighbor kids)

85. Waitstaff at a restaurant shouldn't ever act like they'r doing me/us a favor, big peeve!

86. Did I mention that bugs freak me out big time! Not a camper type!

87. I've gotton cautious/skiddish about swimming in a lake in adult-hood, hebe-jebees! Word?

88. Having a lakefront home or second home is our dream (I know, contraditctory but real)

89. I love sleeping in and do it often - not a morning person

90. Food, love it! Filet mignon is my favorite, love a great steakhouse, capital grille Vegas - :)

91. Allergies, trees, pollen, dust, chocolate, apples, seasonal (I take meds. every day forever)!

92. I don't have a sweet tooth, not that I don't like sweets, but could care less, rather potatoes!

93. Weight Watchers works, if you follow it! I'm on the wagon AGAIN!

94. I cannot get ready with anyone around me (MP). After showering I must be alone with no distractions while doing my hair and lotion stuff or else I start to sweat and get very worked up.

95. I have a sweat problem - easily sweat no matter what the temperature - hate it!!!

96. Loyal to a fault - can never break away from people at the thought of hurting them

97. Honest to a fault - once drove seven miles back to the video store when realized they gave me 50 cents more than they should've. Also, last year in Vegas with Kiki I found a twenty dollar bill in the bottom of the slot machine that I just sat at and went to the cashier counter to return it.... they laughed at me and said to keep it but I felt horrible in doing so. Seriously! I felt plagued by it all night!

98. I'm a social smoker, smoked since I was 15 steady until I was 25 (pack a day) since then smoke when having cocktails... a few a week, it's been twelve years since "quitting".

99. DVR - best invention EVER! No longer a slave to the T.V. and can do my blogging without worry

100. GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, DOGS are the only real important things in life - I hope I have a long one to keep striving and growing as a human being and a mom - I want to do more in my future, more than I can even think of right now.

I'm tagging;

Emily - just because she's great, and more great, and a little more fan-freaking tastic (Aurora)

Bethany - if she has time, she will have great perspective now that she's home w/her babe

Danni - you are a rock and are so insightful it's sick, seriously, you'll put my list to shame

Brooke - you are on the road to this wonderful journey and I'd love to learn more about you

Laurie - you and your family are truly inspirational - and I love that you're a Laurie & Mike!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vacation stuff-

Oh what a bright and beautiful day here in Venice Florida - too bad this is our last night and we have a 3:00 wake up time! Grrrr.... Like my lobster arms! :)

Nick and Daddy had so much fun splashing in the pool - it was too cold for me, so cute!

Sharky's on the pier - very casual restaurant right on the sand overlooking the ocean - what a treat!

Doesn't he look like Elaine from Seinfeld!!! Whenever he get's really excited and hungry (he loves chicken fingers and fries) he does this weird dance thingy! He doen't always shovel like this, but boy was he into his meal and "fellin' Hot, Hot, Hot"!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back to YUK!

Well, we're back, much no-nothing stuff to blog about, but seriously after finally catching up on my blog reads which took two and a half hours, I've no energy to post about our vacation or upload the bestest pics. just yet! We had a great time and are somewhat happy to be home (Snoopy)! Tomorrow I'm sure to do something more adventurous gals (is that sexist)?? :)

Until then, if anyone even reads this, goodnight all - we've been up since 3:00 a.m.! :0

Thursday, March 6, 2008


No time to post much... Just finished most of packing for tomorrow's trip to sunny Florida!

Nicholas and I met Lenka (Steiger Clan) and their three kids (Emma, Nate, and Sam) yesterday at the book store for a couple of hours! It was my/our first blog-meet and it was fun! It's so neat to meet people in person finally! Lenka is much taller than I had expected, but anyone is tall compared to my five foot stature! :) I'm looking forward to hanging out with them when our kids are home! They leave very soon to meet their gorgeous daughter Jordan very soon! Horray!

My parents home in Florida, that they've rented for the month is almost brand new and they don't have internet hooked up yet (travesty)! I'm devasted beyond words at the thought of not being connected to ya'll until next Wednesday night! Yikes! My Blackberry only seems to send my emails once every so often (tempermental like it's owner) and if anything of importance should break I insit on a private email or phone call! PLEASE call me if anything comes up (Emily you're my ambassador - even though you didn't sign up, you've been elected by me).


Love and hugs to all - xoxo Lori

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lucky Number 7!

Me and the Mister! God, Thank You for this man. I need to remember how lucky we are!

This is where we were married and had a wonderful weekend long wedding with our guests! The Mount Washington Hotel at the base of Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of NH.

We have a very deep bond with this hotel and it pulls us in - being there is like being home in a weird way, it's rich in history and everything about it is magical for us. We opted to have a very small and intimate wedding so that we could have it where was most special in our hearts.

Ours was one of those weddings where everything went wrong (except one of us backing out)!

We wouldn't have had it any other way and even at the time we really didn't care, the important thing was the actual event that was taking place and that our nearest and dearest friends and family were there to share this with us... It makes us laugh to recant all the mishaps; like the photographer locking his camera and other equipment in his car and telling me just before I was to walk down the isle!! (I'm laughing now just remembering) Or how our wedding planner was rushed to the hospital a few hours before the ceremony with chest pains and nobody else was aware of our plans or schedule! Or how they lost the picture and design of our wedding cake hours before the wedding and just made it however they wanted - much different than what I had spent hours looking at pictures of etc, etc.! And how the incorrect wine was served to all the tables at the reception (MP was fit to be tied over this wine - he's THE official wine snob)! And some other little things as well... What a hoot!! Mrs. Baker, I bet you're getting a big laugh at this post!!! :)

We were very lucky to recently have received a gift cert. to get back up there and just haven't had the time/sitter to do it yet! We try to go there every year in the winter especially since that's the most beautiful and reminiscent of our wedding and our visits there before we were married!

Today I'm very calm and happy - just so ya know! I'm over my funk of last night already and am just planning that we'll get our referral within the next three months for sure! So, summer/fall travel to Africa! If it should happen to be sooner, it will be a wonderful surprise!

What is/was the hardest for me yesterday and just hit my gut was that we've been trying to add to our little Parker clan for three years now, so it's not just the referral and that it's been six months of waiting since our dossier was sent, but all of the frustrations of infertility for the two plus years before adoption process began. The waiting, the week to week cycle scheduling, and the worst (which is where we abruptly stopped post surgery) the horrible probing and constant doctors visits at the clinic for brutal treatments. We totally checked out mentally and phyically and emotionally. They wanted to do the next and the biggest fertility treatment possible. It was against our beliefs and we knew we needed a break to recalculate our family vision.. It was a few months after that break from the clinic that our path became clear. Literally one morning (which happened to be Easter morning of last year) we were all showering and were getting ready to go to my sisters home for a delicious dinner. I sat on the bed and MP and I said; it's time to start the adoption process. And so, we did! Right away! We told the family at dinner and it was official! I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfullness that God made it clear for us (I kinda wish he didn't take so darn long though)!

As I mentioned in a post months back and others have as well, this is the only way I want to add the final piece to our family circle. This IS plan A...

We're leaving for Florida in a couple of days and wanted to post this as our Anniversary will be while we're in the sun by the pool. I guess I had more to get off my chest than a quick Anniversary update-

And lastly... It's a hot 50 degrees here today - yay - no coats needed!!! What a nice welcome!! Thanks warm God!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fashion Bug!

Just getting ready for a "thumbs up" at the end of the catwalk/runway!

Well, my gorgeous son was asked by my friend to be a model in a local fashion show! My old girlfriend (since 4th grade) Cindy is a manager at Seacoast Harley Davidson. Here's a quick video of the show stealer!! Seriously, he STOLE the show.... Enjoy the pics. and video!

In other news... things are looking pretty bad as far as referral time (per today). I'll re-adjust and do another prediction for wait/travel tomorrow when I'm in a better mood - for tonight, I'm in a foul mood. Things will be fine tomorrow and I'll be over my own self pity for sure, but for now, I'm really, really, really not "feelin it" as far as good spirits go.

I know I'm not in control and have no choice but to continue to wait - it wouldn't be so hard had I expected it to take this long at the outset, but, things change and we must comply, trusting in God and knowing that He knows more than I.

Ciao -