Monday, February 15, 2010

Some quick recent pics!

Nick's first snowboard lesson - He goes everyday next week and Tessa will learn on skiis first, everyday next week!! Can't wait for those pics too!

Mr. Handsome!

The Queen!!!

My guys!

Watching TV (with dog hair in her fro) - love her hair!

This little girl is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen inside and out - her profile is just amazing, isn't  it? I am biased though. I could (and do) eat that little nose ALL day! She is my angel. My family is my happiness!

Monday, February 1, 2010


As some of you may know, our stunning daughter (inside and out) is from Arbegona. Arbegona is southeast of Awassa in the mountains. It's breathtakingly beautiful to travel through the mountainous countryside on dirt roads for hours to reach this town.

I have told you all that I want to find a new mission/project. Without going into detail, I've decided to try something quite different than anything you've seen. I like originality. You will to, trust me!

So, right now this is what I'm looking for. Do you have kiddo's or know of families with kiddos from Arbegona. If so, you will WANT to leave a comment or send me a private email. So excited!

In the future I hope too be looking for children from other towns/villages. Arbegona will be used as the model of this venture to see if it's possible and if it works how I imagine it could. This could be huge!

And lastly, I hope to do a normal update post soon, maybe during martini time tonight!