Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long post of catching up from past few weeks!

I ordered these from Renee and they came out fabu! I had covered Tessa Bezu's name because the picture was taken before the big news of travel last week!

I told ya'll that I had a bunch to put on here before I did the announcement post! So here's a little bit of our lives the past two weeks... enjoy!

Anna from "blue collar adoption" just returned last week and sent this to us! Our Tessa Bezu seems to wear that expression in every picture we have... my biggest mission on earth when we get there is to see the joy and the light that I know is there and that I can already see.

MP and I went to dinner with our dear friends PQ & RQ a couple of weeks ago and Paula gave us this WONDERFUL collection of children's stories that she and her brother had growing up in the 50's! They are amazing and we will treasure them (and make sure the kids don't get their hands on them until they're much older) forever! Thanks PQ!!! We had a fantastic dinner with them, the time flies by too fast!

Here's an example of one of the illustrations on the inside cover! Amazing!

*Teaser shot* Yes, there's a glimpse of her dresser with her Diva jacket that I found at Gap for $20!!! It's just darling in person! The room is DONE except we have NOTHING for wall hangings just yet! I hate the stuff I see at the usual stores and the stuff I want is ridiculously expensive. So, I have some wonderful creative ideas, but most have to do with having some happy shots of the Princess.... pictures of the room may have to be posted before the final completion! :)

Another "road trip"... we went up to the lake for a few days to visit with my parents, it was very nice! Who knew that when we came home that just two days later we'd receive our travel email!!
My mom (in her usual position - phone attached to ear) and Nicholas!

Auntie Kiki (aka; my sister Michelle) and Jim (her sig. other) came up for a bit too!


My Dad just chillin' on the bench facing the lake!

This picture may not look like much from the get go, but it's HUGE for my family. You see, my Dad is blind, he hasn't always been. He lost his eyesight over thirty years ago to a hereditary eye disease (RP)... My Dad spent summers on a lake with his family and into his teenage years. He was a fish! But, he hasn't swam or entered the lake past his knees in my memory.

Something came over him when we were up there and he came out of the camp with his swim trunks on and said he was going for a swim! He said he wanted to swim out to the raft. I didn't really believe him but went to get my camera to get some video or take some shots. While I was in the house I heard MP shouting so that my father could hear him... he was telling my dad which direction to swim towards so MP would be able to assist him getting on the raft. I didn't get out there in time to catch it on video but I saw it and I'm so proud. He sat out there for just a few minutes and wanted to head back to shore. I scrambled to get his towel and down the steps to be there when he got to standing level in the water! He was quite shaken by it but he swam beautifully! Love you Daddy - we're always proud of you! It was incredible...

My man!

My guys! Think MP got enough sun that day!?!

This thing came in like a tornado and blasted us from sunshine to destruction in less than one minute! I have video of it but all you can hear is all of us jibber jabbering in the background and Nick repeating over and over and over that the power is going to go out! :0 It didn't!!

Now we are preparing like crazy! MP is on a plane to Dallas for a few days and then straight to Chicago! Wish I could have joined him and made a little house call to my Em'! :) Next time!
This is his last trip!!!!! Well, until the biggie!! I want to do a separate post about all the preparation and emotions that I'm going through but this isn't the time or the post to do it on! Soon... soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008


~Tessa Bezu Parker~

Mangia, mangia - this is probably my favorite picture because she's in action!

Referral picture~

With some items we sent her including the shirt~

I had planned to do a big post catching everyone up on what's been going on around here and this afternoon while on the phone with MP the email came through from Wide Horizons.

Travel email! As you know, our agency does not reveal our court date. They only tell you when your embassy appointment is after you've passed through court!


Working on travel details now and trying to get my head around this! It's pounding! So, so much to do... I'm sad because I really wanted to do my other post, but don't see it happening (today anyway)!

Perhaps I'll calm down in a day or two and post pictures of what we've been up to!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Fourth!

So what do you do when it's 11:00 pm on the 4th and the town next door didn't have fireworks for you to watch from the front porch??? Hmmm, you get on the computer to look and see where some other firework shows may be nearby. Well, we found out that the Mt. Washington Hotel was having an extravaganza of a celebration. This place is where we were married and try to visit every year or two. Nicholas has never been there with us and pretty soon we won't be able to just pick up and go on short notice. It was decided.... ROAD TRIP!!! We got up early (not really, I'm not an early riser) and got out the door. First order of business was to drop the Snoop Dog off at Yaya's house for a slumber party! My two guys in the back waiting to go. MP decided last minute that he had to water his flowers, AGAIN!

Ahhhh, here she is! We've actually never been in the summertime! Only winter or late fall at the earliest! It's funny to see green surrounding her! But wonderful! Someone somewhat recently purchased the entire resort and she's been under many major renovations. Thank goodness it still feels old inside and they've maintained almost the same decor but just new and fresher feeling! The feeling I get when I'm there is like being home, it's weird.

They had like a mini carnival/fair across the street at their ski resort. It was fun for Nicholas and he got to do a bunch of jumping/bouncy things, they had little obstacle courses, water dunking, face painting etc.

Most of you don't know this but I'm terrified of heights... I never used to be when I was younger and used to ski and never had a thought about getting on a chair lift. Well, I guess my 36 yrs. on earth have had an impact on that one! They were doing rides on one of the chair lifts to one of the mountain peaks and I jumped at the chance! I always try to overcome things by doing them. This is probably the first time you'll hear this; it doesn't work people! I keep getting and going on this height crap thinking it'll empower me and I'll get over it ~ NOPE! :)

I was clutched on to poor Nicholas SO hard because they had an open area like where your bum meets your back. A BIG opening. I was terrified that his bum would slide through and poof!

Needless to say, we made it safely to the top unscathed (except emotionally). The view was fantastic and you can see how small the hotel looks from this peak! I wish you could see Mount Washington behind the hotel... in this picture the hotel is just at the base of the mountain and where it get's like a dark blue color is the base of the mountain...

Me and my little peanut!!

My guys....

The main dining room ~ we didn't eat in there this time because of a certain 4.5 yr. old!
Diners are entertained by a wonderful 5 piece band/orchestra and are invited to dance~
Just like the old days ~

The view from the back of the hotel...

Contemplating life and giving thanks for the astounding beauty through the window that I'm looking out of.... the view in the picture above this was taken from the same window!

It's been a month and a day since referral! We haven't rec'd any new pics. of our babe and it's killing me. Being away for a day was the only time in this month that my stomach wasn't in knots and leaving my computer obsessed!
Well... I haven't posted this for over a day because I keep trying to figure out why youtube won't let me add a 10 second video clip of Nicholas on a bouncy slide... he screams like a girl! :)
I'll keep trying, but, in the meantime, here's the post!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Independence DayIndependence Day, in the U.S., an annual holiday commemorating the formal adoption by the Continental Congress of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia. Although the signing of the Declaration was not completed until August, the Fourth of July holiday has been accepted as the official anniversary of United States independence and is celebrated in all states and territories of the U.S.At the time of the signing the United States consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England's King George III. There was a growing unrest in the colonies concerning the taxes that had to be paid to England. This was commonly refered to as "Taxation without Representation" as the colonists did not have any representation in the English Parliament and had no say in what went on. As the unrest grew in the colonies, King George sent extra troops to help control any rebellion. In 1774 the 13 colonies sent delegates to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to form the First Continental Congress. The delegates were unhappy with England, but were not yet ready to declare war.In April 1775 as the King's troops advanced on Concord Massachusetts, the battle of Concord would mark the unofficial beginning of the colonies war for Independence.June 1776 a committee was formed to compose a formal declaration of independence. Headed by Thomas Jefferson, the committee included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman. Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the first draft which was presented to the congress on June 28. A vote was taken late in the afternoon of July 4th. Of the 13 colonies, 9 voted in favor of the Declaration, 2 - Pennsylvania and South Carolina voted No, Delaware was undecided and New York abstained. To make it official John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence. On July 8th the Declaration had it's first public reading in Philadelphia's Independence Square. Twice that day the Declaration was read to cheering crowds and pealing church bells. Even the bell in Independence Hall was rung. The "Province Bell" which would later be renamed "Liberty Bell" after it's inscription - "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof."The holiday was first observed in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776, at which time the Declaration of Independence was read aloud, city bells rang, and bands played.People celebrated with fireworks and with candles which they lit and placed in their windows.The first Independence Day celebration took place the following year - July 4 1777. By the early 1800s the traditions of parades, picnics, and fireworks were established as the way to celebrate America's birthday. It was declared a legal holiday in 1941.The Fourth of July is traditionally celebrated publicly with parades and pageants, patriotic speeches, and organized firing of guns and cannons and displays of fireworks. Early in the 20th century public concern for a safe holiday resulted in restrictions on general use of fireworks. Although fireworks have been banned in most places because of their danger, most towns and cities usually have large firework displays for all to see and enjoy. Family picnics and outings are a feature of private Fourth of July celebrations.Today, the most popular way to celebrate Independence day is to get together with family and friends, have a cook out and attend a fireworks display!

God, I love this great country, thank you for blessing it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New post coming later~

I have to unload my groceries and have quiet time w/Nick first!~