Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long post of catching up from past few weeks!

I ordered these from Renee and they came out fabu! I had covered Tessa Bezu's name because the picture was taken before the big news of travel last week!

I told ya'll that I had a bunch to put on here before I did the announcement post! So here's a little bit of our lives the past two weeks... enjoy!

Anna from "blue collar adoption" just returned last week and sent this to us! Our Tessa Bezu seems to wear that expression in every picture we have... my biggest mission on earth when we get there is to see the joy and the light that I know is there and that I can already see.

MP and I went to dinner with our dear friends PQ & RQ a couple of weeks ago and Paula gave us this WONDERFUL collection of children's stories that she and her brother had growing up in the 50's! They are amazing and we will treasure them (and make sure the kids don't get their hands on them until they're much older) forever! Thanks PQ!!! We had a fantastic dinner with them, the time flies by too fast!

Here's an example of one of the illustrations on the inside cover! Amazing!

*Teaser shot* Yes, there's a glimpse of her dresser with her Diva jacket that I found at Gap for $20!!! It's just darling in person! The room is DONE except we have NOTHING for wall hangings just yet! I hate the stuff I see at the usual stores and the stuff I want is ridiculously expensive. So, I have some wonderful creative ideas, but most have to do with having some happy shots of the Princess.... pictures of the room may have to be posted before the final completion! :)

Another "road trip"... we went up to the lake for a few days to visit with my parents, it was very nice! Who knew that when we came home that just two days later we'd receive our travel email!!
My mom (in her usual position - phone attached to ear) and Nicholas!

Auntie Kiki (aka; my sister Michelle) and Jim (her sig. other) came up for a bit too!


My Dad just chillin' on the bench facing the lake!

This picture may not look like much from the get go, but it's HUGE for my family. You see, my Dad is blind, he hasn't always been. He lost his eyesight over thirty years ago to a hereditary eye disease (RP)... My Dad spent summers on a lake with his family and into his teenage years. He was a fish! But, he hasn't swam or entered the lake past his knees in my memory.

Something came over him when we were up there and he came out of the camp with his swim trunks on and said he was going for a swim! He said he wanted to swim out to the raft. I didn't really believe him but went to get my camera to get some video or take some shots. While I was in the house I heard MP shouting so that my father could hear him... he was telling my dad which direction to swim towards so MP would be able to assist him getting on the raft. I didn't get out there in time to catch it on video but I saw it and I'm so proud. He sat out there for just a few minutes and wanted to head back to shore. I scrambled to get his towel and down the steps to be there when he got to standing level in the water! He was quite shaken by it but he swam beautifully! Love you Daddy - we're always proud of you! It was incredible...

My man!

My guys! Think MP got enough sun that day!?!

This thing came in like a tornado and blasted us from sunshine to destruction in less than one minute! I have video of it but all you can hear is all of us jibber jabbering in the background and Nick repeating over and over and over that the power is going to go out! :0 It didn't!!

Now we are preparing like crazy! MP is on a plane to Dallas for a few days and then straight to Chicago! Wish I could have joined him and made a little house call to my Em'! :) Next time!
This is his last trip!!!!! Well, until the biggie!! I want to do a separate post about all the preparation and emotions that I'm going through but this isn't the time or the post to do it on! Soon... soon.


  1. I also love vintage children's books. So lovely. And I can't wait to see your girl's lovely smile that I'm sure you'll cajole out of her :)

  2. Fun pictures at the lake!

    I can't wait to see pictures of your little princess with a big smile on her face. It won't be long!

  3. I love the story about your dad...amazing.

    Isnt it funny how girls are? They are so different from little guys...almost like cats and dogs. I know from little one. She makes you work for it.

    I can see the light with your little princess as well. She is just so beautiful!

  4. Aw, what a great post! So nice that you could spent time with your parents. I love that shot of your little boy! He's such a cutie.
    And a BEAUTIFUL picture of Tessa Bezu!

    Lori, are you going to have any space for a photo album, if I can get my act together before you leave? I haven't sent anything to Zufan's birth family yet...

    Enjoy the packing, and enjoy these last few days as a family of 3!

  5. She is so beautiful and I also can't wait to see her smiling with you.. .her mama! It won't be long!!!!

  6. I remember thinking the same thing about Malak! So many people told us how solemn and serious he was and so it became my mission to get him to be a smiley laugh-y guy. Of course, that wasn't hard to do- apparently he was just holding out for his mama. :) I think Tessa might be too. :) She is PRECIOUS!

    Also, the story about your dad, kind of made me tear up! Sweet dad.

  7. What a beauty girl! Can't wait to see her in animal print! I love those books too. The illustrations are beautiful.

  8. She is SO pretty!! I can't wait to see her in your arms! Your a MAMA again friend!!! SO SO SO excited for you!

  9. Your new beauty is just perfect! Can't wait to see you all together!!!

  10. Next time is RIGHT!!

    Love the sweet story of your daddy. Who is mom always talking to on the phone?

    Love you and that precious daughter of yours!

  11. I just love "her look" for pictures. She is the most beautiful litttle girl I have ever seen....really. How old is she?


  12. I just can't wait to see her smiling in her mama's arms.

  13. She already looks bigger in her new pictures! So pretty!
    I love the story about your dad. What an amazing day!
    That Gap coat is soooo cute! Don't you just love little girls. By the way, your little guy is so handsome!
    I can't wait to read more!


  14. Oh, I love her sweet little pout... She needs some mama-lovin' and she'll perk up beautifully. I can hardly wait to see that gorgeous smile on her face.

    The photo of your daddy and the story behind it... Amazing! What a champ!

    Miss you, Lor. I wish you were coming this weekend.

  15. Love the new features in the sidebar and top!

  16. I love the new pictures. I can't wait to see the completed nursery. The diva jacket is just too cute. She'll be darling in it. Can't wait for those pictures.

    With Love,

  17. Um, hello, love the diva jacket!

    I'm so excited! I just can't wait to read all about your trip. I hope you can blog while your there. I know it's easy to say, I totally thought I would blog everyday. It's not as easy when your there though.

    Thinking of you guys!


  18. I can't believe that she will be in your arms in JUST 8 DAYS! I'm counting down.

  19. Lori,
    What wonderful stories to add to your previous travel post!!
    Tessa is just a beautiful little girl!I am so happy for your family!

  20. soooooooooo soon! I am so excited for you. Thanks for praying for my mom! xoxo

  21. thinking of you a ton! miss you (I know...we haven't met yet, but I DO! I MISS YOU!).

  22. Hey, thinking about you as you prepare to travel. I wasn't able to get to the big kid house but Dawn took some pictures for you.

    You guys are going to have a great trip. A quick tip.... bring more clothes than you think you'll need for both you guys and her. I know WHFC says pack light, but everyone seemed to be going through clothes like water.