Monday, September 22, 2008

The worlds heaviest 2lb. punkin~

And it's not this one folks, it's the little 2lb'er in the video below!!!

Lori, do you REALLY need to take another picture today, man!

I shot video of this excercise and it is grueling to watch (but sorta funny) ~ me making pumkin bread ~ it's yummy and simple to make! Here's the blog!

Auntie Rhonda (aka my BFF) came by to see the kids and she didn't come empty handed! They love thier goodies Ron, thanks again!

When MP's away... the doggie sleeps under the covers in his spot!

Corn Maze 08' ~ not as cool as BU 08', but the kids loved it!

Even her running is so much more coordinated these days ~
She's gained a few pounds and outgrew a pair of pants (length wise) already ~

Chillin' with my girl ~

So with the new layout blogger didn't automatically add all of my friends to the blogroll so I don't have one anymore! :0

It'll take me a bit to re-do so be patient!


  1. Too cute! Your smile is so full of life!

    Thanks for updating me on your new blog address!

    Blessings to your precious pumpkin filled family!


  2. I love that video...she was determined to pick up that pumpkin wasn't she? LOL Very funny and cute? Your son was sweet in the background.

  3. Hey, did you make the recipe I had on my blog? If so, how'd it turn out?


  4. Your photos always make me wish I was there with you! :) Someday, girl. I LOVELOVELOVE that last one! That needs to get framed. Priceless!

  5. Oh, and I still cannot believe how much MP looks like he could be my MP's brother. Expressions and everything. It's insane!

  6. Hello new blog! I love the first picture on this post. Thanks for the invite to your new blog.

  7. Cute new blog! Thanks for the invite. :)

  8. Yay! I'm so happy you followed my suggestion! :) I updated my reader and my blogroll and took your old blog off!

    Love the pumpkin patch! We need to do that here soon!

  9. love the new layout, name, and video. How cute is that little voice in the background saying, "I'll do it"? so cute. The last picture is fantastic! Love it.
    all the best,

  10. love the new blog and all the pics and the video! thanks for the invite!!

  11. Love the new blog!!!! The pictures are great too. It looks like you are all doing. Things are moving at a snails pace here. I'll keep you posted. I really wanted to be on the waitlist by the end of the month. Oh well.

  12. LOVE the new pics! That last picture makes me so, what amazing people you are. What a smart idea this new blog is...I'll have to consider that...

  13. Lori I LOVE the last picture, when you were at HH I know you never believed you would be at this place with your sweet girl. God is so good! I also have to tell you that I love the Retriever in the bed photo too! You know I am a dog nut!
    Please send me an ivite to your private blog! Thanks and God bless....

  14. Great pics! I have told you how darn cute she is, so today let me comment on how ADORABLE your son is too! He is very handsome. What a sweet family. It is amazing how far you all have come with Tessa...she looks so much healthier already and her smile (and yours with her) is priceless. I am so glad you guys are doing well. :)

  15. Love your new corner of the internet! And I am so envious of your fall weather there. I can't begin to tell you how sick I am of shorts and tanks. Oh how I long to wear long sleeves.


  16. hi Lori,
    Nice new blog. There is no way your house is louder then mine:)
    I love the pumpkins pictures.
    PS:You know we have to get together again:)

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  18. Miss Independent! She really wanted to carry that pumpkin. Glad Corn Maze '08 was a success!

  19. Remember the good ole days when I was usually the first to post?? Oh, I love you the same sister- just don't have the same free time.

    I love, love these pictures!

  20. What great pictures!! The sidebar looks awesome, this post is worthy of about 5 posts, and that last one of the girls is an award winner.

  21. gosh, i am way behind the game...pumpkins, mazes, bread. where do you find the time.

    your girlie, is stunning absolutely stunning.

    getting right on that fall stuff...

  22. hey- how did you put that blog ticker(not sure what its called)on your blog?

  23. Yes!!!!!!!

    I was really worried I lost you forever...I almost posted a post called

    Dear Lori I have lost you...

    WHOHOO I found you!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smiling happy joyous pics.....AMAZING!

    That little girl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. That last picture just gets me. I'm hearing Madeline Peyroux sing "This is heaven to me" on our computer right now, and it so fits that picture.

  25. Just found your blog. I think we may have been in ET at the same time picking up our children. Our Gotcha day was Aug 31. We have a 4 yr old little cutie. Glad she is doing well. Beautiful fam.

  26. Thank God you left a comment on my blog or I never would have found your new blog. I LOVE to read your blog and I always love the videos. Don't do that to me again.:) I hope you all start to feel better!