Sunday, March 22, 2009

EDITED * Our latest charity:water video...

Not to publicly humiliate you, but I'm all about keeping track and making people accountable for saying they're part of Team Ethiopia. I've made ($$$) after the names of the people who've already donated on the sidebar! When you make your donation (of any amount - it can be $5 - you have to let me know otherwise I can't do the "$$$" next to your name too.) This way we can kind of keep track until charity:water gives me an update in a couple weeks!
I also thought it might be fun to make predictions of how soon it will take us to get to our first well.... anyone want to guess? I'd be happy to give a prize!


  1. Hi Lori,
    I love what you are doing!!!
    Today, March 22nd is my 1 year anniversary waiting for my referral and to celebrate that I have donated to Team Ethiopia.
    I have also posted your link on my blog.
    Let's go Team Ethiopia!!!!!!
    Kim @ tickledpink

  2. I'm so frusterated my blog is not showing when you update your I'm a little behind in all your posts. Needless to say I'm skipping over to the page to DONATE!!!!

    Soooooo proud of you......keep it going girly!

  3. We just joined the team with the donation!

  4. DUDE... how many times have I told you I donated and there's no $$$ next to my name. FAIL. I even donated as soon as you gave notice that it was time to donate. I'm totally taking my donation back. Sheesh! (kidding)

  5. Done. Game on team! I love love love the video of your children getting ready to cook with you. So beautiful.