Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Testing... Is this mic on?

I think I'm almost ready for a comeback... I really fell almost ready. But not yet. I don't know where to begin when I do, so there will be several posts addressing different topics. Here's what's going on in my head:

1. Of course, what we've been up to, the basics, been gone too long - a nice recap

2. What are my goals with Ethiopia as a woman/human/mother

3. How to move forward in life when you feel like you're finally coming out of quicksand

4. The balance that we need, that I need, part of my absence, part of my return to blogging

5. And the mental health and well being so important as a woman/mother/someone who wants to make a difference in the world

So you can see how I'm conflicted on where to start. You know I'm a pretty open book so I'm going to share many things within these posts that you may or may not be aware of. I look forward to the cathartic exercise of writing on the blog again. And perhaps touching someone else too.

I look forward to returning soon. And if you have any thoughts, comments or questions that you'd like me to address in these posts please say so in a comment. I'll DIE if nobody comments to at least say they're still reading. If nobody comments I may scrap the whole thing and just start randomly calling people to talk to from the phone book. ;)



  1. hey, yes, we're still reading! good to hear your psyching yourself up for a comeback. really great to meet you in person as well :)

  2. Hey!I am also thinking about closing out my blog. We've been home with Bethi and Amanu almost a year now. I don't think many people read it and i don't post often....
    But if writing helps you get through those "moments" then you should still do it!

  3. Still here and reading! Looking forward to new posts!

  4. Still reading. Definitely looking forward to reading what you have to say :)

  5. Hello my friend! Love the puppy:) Blog away...I am listening or reading.

  6. Of course we are still here! Waiting for more....

  7. I'm conflicted. I want more than anything for you to write, because I adore you and all of your thoughts...BUT, what if your little finger just happened to land on MY name in the phone book? I'd be pretty jazzed about that too. I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
    Ok, first write. Then call or skype me. K?! Or you can always do it in reverse order. Ok, snap snap! You're a busy woman with things to do. :)

  8. I need to hear from you as I love your heart sister. So come on- I will wait but don't keep me waiting too long you hear??


  9. Please don't scrap the blog. I started following you a few months ago and have been anxious for your return!

  10. Been a steady follower since right after Tessa's referal. Love hearing about you guys and really enjoy your perspective on the topics you share. I've told you before, you keep Ethiopia in my head to match it's presence in my heart. Looking forward to your return.

  11. You don't know me but I happened upon your blog because my husband & I are considering adopting from Ethiopia. You have a beautiful family and this blog is very inspiring!
    Gina Fimbel

  12. Hey Stranger-

    I love checking up on you guys. Keep meaning to email the group, since we've been home ONE WHOLE YEAR.

    Carlin (and Kai currently on timeout for turning himself into a skeleton (with help from older siblings) w/ permanent marker while I was checking your blog for updates)

  13. HMMM, Dito, dito I say. I for sure would love your post on any of the topics above. I'm digging through all those same feelings, thoughts, and issues myself!