Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Recent pictures of Maine and Nicholas-

Yes, this is Nicholas breaking bread for the squirrel!
This picture was sent to me by our beloved Justin!

Here are just a few pictures from our "too brief" trip to Maine with Yaya and Papa Genovese!
We had fun except for the almost four hour ride home! Yuk. The water was as warm as a bath, almost too warm. It was great to splash around in on my little float and a kayak paddle! I was racing around to try to get MP soaked with the end of the paddle. Big surprise that it almost never worked, but he sure did get me back!! Love ya babe-

These last two pictures are of Nick at his last day of swim class - :( He loved it, but was probably not the strongest of the bunch (by a long shot). Never show him this post, and God Bless his beautiful lively spirit even if he's missing the athletic Parker gene!! He had a ball, and it was a ball to watch him (unless he wasn't paying attention - often the case)! :) Notice his enthusiasm in his wave, and his guidance and friendship while trying to help the little guy in front of him and his teacher at adjusting his swim bubble! Can you say "TEAM SPIRIT"!

We're so proud of you Nick - way to go!

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