Friday, July 27, 2007

Giving Thanks!

Cousins Pete and Patti

Can you stand it? (pinch) Nicholas

When Nicholas hated Papa!

Nicholas sweet angel

Nick and Yaya 2004

Cousin "Beana" - aka Nick's slave!

Yaya & Papa - Florida 2007

Auntie Cindy & Auntie Rhonda (Rhonda is obviously older)

Yaya & Papa (my folks) Christmas 2006

Niece and Nephew - Justin & Christina - Christmas 2006

Parkers - Lake George 2006

On the raft - Lake George - 2006

Lake George 2006 (Michael & Nick)

The original Parkers (Michaels mom & dad) Lake George 2006

Our Henry

Nick and our Tooney

Grandpa - aka Michael's dad (and Nicholas)

Auntie Kiki - aka my sister Michelle (obviously older)

Me and my Tooney

Best Friends! Lynnie (center) is obviously the eldest of us all! xo

After the last post regarding our agency and social worker, it got me to thinking that I would like to feature people that are important in our lives that we wouldn't be here without. So, I'd like to post some pictures of those individuals who've influenced our lives.

OK - Now, I don't want any complaints about these pictures!! None! If you have a gripe, send me a different photo and I'll consider changing it!

xoxo Lor xoxo


  1. Hey Lori...
    Thanks for the blog comment. I just added your blog to my links as well! I look forward to following your journey to get your baby! You have a beautiful littly family is only going to get cuter with the addition of an Ethiopian babe!

  2. Hi Lori,

    I found your blog through the Ethiopian Adoption Blogroll. Great pictures! We live about one hour from Lake George (Lake Pleasant, Speculator area).

    We're also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia.

    Lisa J

  3. Ohhhh...we are sooooo taking a new picture on our night out to replace that one!!! :)