Friday, September 28, 2007

One month + one month = our child!

Well, not so simple!! Here's a quickie breakdown of how our timeline has unfolded thus far
There's a ton more information involved between each date, but I'll spare the paperchase gore. This is the most relevant timeline, our paperchase stuff was just preparation:

4-8-07 Decided to formally announce our decision to adopt at Michelle's on Easter!!!

4-23-07 First application packet arrives from Wide Horizons (WHFC)

5-14-07 First appointment with Roy, our social worker, in the Bedford NH office (love him)!
This is the day we knew that we were adopting from Africa/Ethiopia!!!!!!!!

5-29-07 Lori's one on one appt. w/Roy (he thinks I'm a total nut job)

5-29-07 Michael's on on one appt. w/Roy (he thinks Michael is cool)

6-2-07 All day Adoption Prep. course in Concord NH!

6-11-07 Final appointment w/Roy at our home!

6-20-07 Ethiopian Dossier instructions emailed from Roy (major work begins)

7-16-07 Home Study first draft emailed to us!

7-24-07 Rec'd letter from WHFC confirming Home Study complete!

8-16-07 Dossier in mail to WHFC to begin the authentication process!

8-23-07 Fingerprinted at CIS in Manchester NH!


8-29-07 I797C Approved from CIS - faxed to Katie at WHFC


  1. We are getting closer right?? Waiting is hard but I know it will all fade away with one phone call!!

  2. best wishes with the wait - I remember how hard it was; what a roller coaster ride it could be. You are lucky because you have your son to play with during the wait! Thanks for stopping by our blog -- as you can see, the wait is COMPLETELY worth it! There are times I am still amazed at the blessing that is our daughter...