Saturday, September 22, 2007

My sister Michelle trying to "reign me in"!

This post is dedicated to uhmmm, my dear sister Michelle. I called her bright and early this morning to chat etc., etc, and the first words out of her mouth were, "is there something wrong with you"?? :) Then in no particular order were these other comments;

1. I don't know who you are!

2. You seem very unstable!

3. Is there a hormonal imbalance?

4. What's going on?

5. You never talk to me like that!

She then told me that she had read my blog last night (the last post) and was dumbfounded!

So, yes, having a blog makes you dig deep sometimes, and other times if you're in "the moment" of whatever it is that's going on in your head, you take the time to sit down, then the result is a crazy sounding post (I liked it) like my last one. Like I explained to her, moods (especially mine) can change on a dime.

My friends and family would NOT describe me to be "emotional"or "touchy feely" so my last post, and probably all of them come to think of it probably seem strange to them. And I've been tying to think about "why" since I hung up with her. I know it's "me" and it how I'm feeling at the moment, but I'm not very open about things to people. This feels more like a diary, it a great place to vent your current feelings. It's like a snapshot of that very moment. Nobody is always "the same", in the same frame of mind etc. I get a tad emotional when I get my (not as small as I'd like) butt firmly ensconced on my little chair!! I'm sure all you bloggers out there know what I mean.

The other thing is, I'm not going to sit down and do nothing but complain! Who wants to read that? Besides, my family and friends can just call me if they want to hear me talk about how I'm annoyed that my sweetie pup Snoopy won't stop eating his own poop! Or, like I have no idea what I'm making for dinner, but I sure don't feel like making anything healthy. That's not what my blog is about!

My blog is for the emotional outlet of me! To write about things and experiences that are happening that bring reflection and joy.... something I've never been able to grasp and hold on to and appreciate. So, while it may not sound like "me" and how I normally talk about daily events, it is how I want to remember the good things about today in anticipation of the third most life changing event of my life - our second child.

You are a dear sister and I love you (not really, I just thought it would sound nice here)!

xoxo Lor
Ps. Michelle, if you read this, it'd be nice to get a "comment" from you at least once!! ;)


  1. I love you too Lori...thanks for picking such a flattering pic of me...again! Rock the Blog baby!!!

  2. Blogging is such a strange thing...but, I agree that part of the fun is writing about how you feel that moment...LOVE your blog...can't wait to read more.
    Cheers to us :)

  3. Love your blog! Found it via Bethany's. I totally use my blogs as my emotional outlet. They really show all sides of me... sometimes not so flattering but always honest!