Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't bother checking except once a month!

This is "happy me" a couple of weeks ago...
Now, not so much! After reading our agency update today it has been clear that we've been bumped again... two weeks in a row! :( I cried for a bit and got angry a bit too. Now, it's just back to regular life and the feeling that this may never actually happen. There's what my head tells me (the logical part) and what my heart tells me... they are in major competition tonight!
I DO know it WILL happen. But, yet again, delay. It's looking more and more like we WILL be caught in the court closure at this point in time. We are (to my estimation) fourth in line now instead of second. Big difference!!! We had resolved ourselves that our babe would be home before the end of summer, but it looks more like fall. I'm devastated, but it's not in my control and life could be so much worse...
We'll keep trucking along, but for everyone kind enough to post predictions, you should re-think them and add a couple of months at least... It doesn't help that this week marks our wait to eight months since dossier. Never imagined we'd be anywhere close to where we are now, but thems are the facts friends.....


  1. That is such a bummer- I hate this for you my friend. You have waited patiently and these people need to learn a lesson of patience from you, take a lesson in how to wait in line for a referral. It stinks, but you wait. You don't cut in line! You don't pick the short line b/c yours is taking too long! Urgggggg! Stay in line people, stay in the line you chose from the beginning, stay in L.I.N.E!!

    I've got your back and for sure will be an alibi for Vito, no doubt. You can count on me:)

    Hang in there, your little girl that you will be referred on the 5th of May, needs you to be 4th in line! God is in the details, I trust that my friend. In all things, I trust the Lord for the provision of baby Parker! :)

  2. Such a drag! I'm so sorry for your never ending wait. I can't even imagine your anxiety! Hopefully the referrals pick up pace, and you'll be getting your referral in time to travel this summer Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Oh hon! I'm so sorry. I agree with Emily. Peoples need to STAY IN thie own LINE!

  4. Lori,
    I am so sorry. The never ending tunnel. It doesn't seems right you got bummed down the line again.

  5. Grrrr...You have been the definition of patience. I cannot imagine how frustrated you must feel. When it happens, which it will- and relatively soon, all this waiting will feel like such a distant and brief time. I know that doesn't help the present much. I'm much less patient than you are- so I'm actually irritated at people for you. I'm just not exactly sure who the people are. After witnessing all these families and how they are formed so perfectly, I know that your perfect babe just needs a bit more time.
    Know we are all thinking of you!

  6. Well shoot! Lori, as everyone else has said, you are an amazing, patient women. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your sweet babe will be here soon.

  7. I'm sorry and we're thinking of you! take care, Jen

  8. I am SO sorry to be reading this post this late... I wish I had been there for you, Lor. :(