Monday, August 4, 2008

On a side note...

For three weeks now we've been dealing with dreaded CIS and NVC/embassy issues... they are still not resolved. Our agency has been pushing us to cancel our trip...

The best of times/the worst of times..

We do have a ton more new pictures of Bezu but I haven't the energy to post them. She's just beyond gorgeous and report has it (thank heaven for Tiff and Dan) that she is a wonderful little sweetheart!

We're still packing and decided last Friday that we're going no matter what, but things just don't look good.

Freakin govnmt.... for those of you who think gov. health care is a good idea, send me a private email! Our issue could be resolved by someone faxing a document (that the embassy lost/misplaced) and they won't do it.

To boot, none of it is our fault - they frigged up our cable (twice) - can you feel the heat coming off this post? I was in denial about posting about it but I guess I need to ask for prayers from ya'll...

I'm beyond pissed/deflated...

Still planning on going against their advice, but things could take a turn for the worse and have us change our plans. Why can't this be an exciting part of our journey?


  1. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this! It's such a wet blanket on what should be an exciting time for you guys! I hope it gets resolved quickly!!!

  2. Oh Lori, I'm sorry you guys have to experiance this issue with CIS. I will be praying for you guys and for the workers at CIS. :) Lord knows they need it.

    Thinking of you guys,


  3. Know we are all thinking of you! Hmmph...I'm so sorry Lori.

  4. Arg! It should be the exciting part. I'm so sorry that it isn't. I will be praying that this gets resolved quickly and you can travel as planned.

    With Love,

  5. Lori,

    I can certainly understand your frustration. I will pray for you guys and that the Government will get on the ball!


  6. How awful! It sounds like a horrible situation! You guys are in my prayers, hopefully this gets worked out soon!!!

  7. So sorry about all of this!! On a happy note, her pictures are indeed remarkable-- she is so beautiful.

    Glad you are going to go and praying this all gets resolved quickly.

  8. Oh Lori,
    I am so sorry. Like Penelope wrote this should be a very happy part of the adoption journey. Any chance I will see you before you leave? Call me if you want to talk.
    love, Lenka

  9. I am praying that things turn out great, quickly! Hang in there and keep trusting that He will take care of things.

    Thinking of you,
    Lindsey Clevinger

  10. Hey Lori, hang in there! It is almost an inevitable part of the process. We BARELY made it as out fingerprint updates took WEEKS to clear and we got them the day before we were supposed to board the plane.

    Just hop on the plane, think of your sweetie, and after you've done your part in clearing things up, let the agency work for you. That's what you're paying them for, and they WILL eventually figure it out.

    Post those new pics!!!! I wanna see your sweetie!!!! :)

  11. Like everone, I am so sorry you are having to go through this! I hope you and your sweet little princess are together soon!

  12. Lori, we had been dealing with that crap for about 3 weeks also!!
    Then, all of a sudden,it's fixed!! After all the stupid phone calls i made! $393 cell bill! (from holding)