Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awassa Youth Campus!

We went to this wonderful fundraiser that our friends Parke and his wife Chris (above with MP) told us about on Monday. He and his wife are friends of a woman who's son is the co-founder of this organization, John McKay. He was raised just a half hour away from my po-dunk town.

What are the chances??!! It was a wonderful first night out for MP and I since coming home and what better first date could we have had!

They're currently doing a small tour doing presentations and fundraisers.

We stayed in Awassa one night while in Ethiopia and it's the closest city to where Tessa is from!

Again, what are the chances of them coming here and us having a strange connection through friends that we just found out about! We met the co-founder John McKay and his lovely Ethiopian wife who are expecting a child in April. They plan to go back to Awassa to live and raise their child after the tour and continue to grow their campus.

MP bought this for me last night after a bit of begging!!! I LOVE IT!! I've been kicking myself for not buying any artwork while in country and now I have an original piece... the artist is in art school now in Addis thanks to the support he recieved while attending the Awassa Youth Campus!
The sights and sounds of this video are everything we saw and experienced! It is a wonderful reminder of what Ethiopia is like to see and live... exact in every detail!

Just some ABC cuteness and a little bickering with brother Nicki -


  1. The painting is fabulous. I'm a very jealous girl.
    I watched the video many times, because she is just too delicious. I'm in love. Thank you for sharing!

  2. She is precious!!!! She is learning so quickly. Maybe Nick wants his own video.:)

  3. OOOOO, I really like that picture! And your little girl is absolutely adorable!

  4. Hello my friend,
    1. I love the painting. I love the colors. Where are you going to hang it?
    2. I watched both videos. The Awassa Youth Camp sounds great. Small world.
    3. Tessa looks great. She is so strong and beautiful. I can hardly believe how much she has learned. Eliza will love seeing her new video. Give her a big hug from Eliza. How is Nick doing? I love hearing his little voice in the background.

    I am glad that you are all over the cold. Be well. If you come to the Boston area let us know, we will make every effort to come see you or you always have a place to stop for a bite to eat and stretch of the legs.

  5. Love the babies, love the painting!!!

  6. That was the greatest version of the ABC's. Could eat that girl up! Why is Nick under the table?

  7. That is a very sweet video of your girl.... She is so adorable... Love the art too!

  8. I love that painting, and so cute the way the video turns from ABC to Ethiopia and I love you's! So so so cute!

  9. That was so cute!! And I LOVE the painting too! Good work hubby!!

  10. abc i love ethiopia. love it!!! she is too, too adorable!