Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, Jen, I was really enjoying reading your blog and I loved meeting you in person last month but I'm afraid it's all going to end! You see, at first I thought that I didn't have anything "weird" or "quirky" about myself to put on here, and then when I really got to thinking about it the list got SO big that I don't know how to choose the seven winners! :0
I realized that you must have sensed that from our first meeting and that you wanted to exploit me for who I really am; A FREAK! So, Jen, thanks for the tag, I hope the rest of your adoption journey is alright because I'm not following your family anymore! ;)
In NO particular order...
1. I'm deathly afraid of insects of any size shape or form! Deathly, but they always find me. The other day I felt my leg itch and went to scratch it, I felt a lump under my pants and pulled the car over immediately and almost crashing with the kids in tow. I jumped out and started to scream while shaking my pants uncontrollably and wouldn't you know, a HUGE cricket fell out from up near my bum!! This stuff only happens to me, and all the time!
1A. Because of number one, I won't open my car windows until I've been driving for awhile and am sure any bugs near my window opening from being in the garage are sure to have fallen off. I never leave my windows open when parked and have recently stopped opening my moon roof!
2. I like to order Kung Pao chicken without the chicken but with a side of chicken fingers! The small pieces in the kung pao look weird to me!
3. Things in my Ref. or cabinet all have to face forward and belong in a special place/grouping!
(Do you recall the Julia Roberts movie with the psycho husband?? I'm not quite that bad!)
4. Turning the radio down to a whisper is a must the minute I enter a parking lot! I can't seem to see if the radio is at a normal level!
5. I do almost anything possible to avoid leaving the house at night/in the dark (except for social occasions). It is UNHEARD of to do ANY shopping at night for me! Poor night vision is what started it and it became "a thing"...
6. I prefer to be alone and am sensitive to constant noise (unless it's my talk radio)! This began when I started working from home before having any children and I went from hating the solitude to coveting it!
7. I'm obsessed with dressing comfortably! I have my "comfs, aka sweats" and LOVE to be in them. Another work from home related problem! Jeans are an acceptable everyday alternative.
If any of you prefer to stop reading my blog after reading this then I understand! :)
The list goes on, and on...
I wanted to do fun and goofy things only, there's really a whole lot more to me than this stuff!
I'm tagging the following people for different reasons... if you've already been tagged please accept my apologies!
7. Amy


  1. This was fun to read... I feel ya on not driving at night and on loving comfy clothes. :) Your kung pao chicken order is hilarious!!!!

    I have been needing to post and had nothing to say... now I have something to work on! Thanks!

  2. Thanks you friend. I think.

    Yours is hilarious - cracking up at the Kung Pao chicken. I'll have to see what quirks I can come up with. I'm thinking my husband will have a few. Or a lot.

  3. Oh girl, I'm totally with you on the bugs... and doing weird things to avoid the bugs! And I'm all about the comfort (I type as I sit here in my pj pants and birkenstocks).

  4. Just makes me love you all the more- quirks and all.....and some of these are quirky.

    We have some cockroaches that would give you a heart attack down here in Texas!

  5. Wow, I felt like I was reading my post! I've been tagged by a couple people too and you took about half of what I would say about myself. :) You are very funny by the way!

  6. I loved your post! So funny. You are awesome, quirks and all. I can absolutely relate to some of your 7 so.... maybe like minded people find like minded people. (The volume affecting eye sight....I do that in crazy intersections, also).

  7. I love to dress comfy and I love the peace and quiet (although with 4 kids--doesn't usually happen!).
    I enjoyed reading your 7!

  8. Hate for my first post to be mean but I'll have to agree with Michelle-DORK! JK Lor-you know I love you and your phobias. I won't mention how you had a pool when we were little that I would drool over on hot days but you refused to go in it for fear that a caterpillar might have fallen off of one of the nearby trees into it. Did you say bum? I don't think I've ever heard you say that. Aren't you glad I'm finally leaving comments.