Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm 08' - A weekend in pictures

Momma and her little girl! This is when life was regular - with power, just days before, IT! Do you think that's a fake smile she's doing? Well, I don't care, I look half way decent and it's my blog so I pick the pictures that flatter me (somewhat!)

This is what we woke up to Friday morning - the power went out Thursday night...

Back yard... Isn't the coloring wonderful!! I did NOT alter the color on these first pictures!
Trees were just bent over to the ground from the weight of the ice!
We left the house to survey the damage and stock up on stuff. We were stupidly thinking the power would be on soon so we just got a few things and went to lunch!

We began to think that we might be in for a little more than originally thought!

Night #2 with no power - we still had the core of the house at a decent temperature (meaning the floors didn't feel like walking on a frozen pond). The fire was going and we had fun listening to nothing but the fire crackle and doing trivia questions! Tessa and Daddy below!

And the next day we ventured out for more "stuff" since we were hearing that it would be days still! We were very discouraged to still see road down to one lane in places right at the end of our street - yikes! The house was freezing when we woke up - but we can do it, it's still kind of fun!
Ahhh, Bertolli in a paper bowl with a glass of wine - now that's gourmet, all the way!
Snoopy was in heaven on the kids bed on the floor - he loved no power. See the kids in the pic?
The kids were asleep like this - I had to lighten the picture to see the arms so sweet! Theirs is a love/hate relationship, it's pretty funny most of the time. And really annoying the rest of the time!
And the next day it was even more cold... and mommy started to get VERY cranky!
We had a cord of wood delivered and warmed up (in the decent weather anyway) by throwing it and stacking it all! It's time for a game plan Michael... like NOW - we need to leave! The interior of the house was down to 37 degrees and another night of camping was not going to be fun!

We (Michael) refused to be separated from Snoopy so we made a phone call and blasted out of here with a huge suitcase headed for a dog friendly hotel! Thank you Homewood Suites! We secured a two bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, and living room suite for the night! It was NICE to lay down with the kids in another room and just be still... We all bathed and hit the sack very early (like 7:30!)

How often do you see a dog in a hotel - he was trying to attack me, so cute??? And a gitty momma with delivery food on the way! Is there a book on the nightstand? NOOO! For the first time in I don't know how long - I didn't read one page of my book. I went two days without reading (or re-reading I should say!)
Do you think I need a haircut?? It's only been six months - just call me Shaggy! I used to get my nails done (fingers and toes) often and had regular visits to the hair salon. The new year will bring back some attention to me... I think??! :) And the grays are letting me know! First grays started a couple months ago!! :0


  1. Great pictures! Isn't it funny that now everything in life is fair game for a blog photo and post? And yeah, I think we all pick only the ones that flatter us to post on our blogs don't you?!
    Hope you are all warm in your own beautiful home again.

  2. You absolutely crack me up! I do love the first pic of YOU! I'm so sorry for all the added adventure...You did a fabulous job documenting it...still miss you.

  3. I just posted but it disappeared...I'll try again!!
    I am having flashbacks of here last year:-( I stayed at hotel Grammy and Papa!!
    and..quit beating me on twilight trivia:-)!!

  4. Love all the pictures! And the bertolli dinner does look fancy! (maybe it's the lighting :) Glad your power is back on, Shaggy.


    (You know I'm kidding - your hair looks great.)

  5. It looked great by you guys. We did not loose power at all so we kept warm. You should have come to our house. I just had friend over with her kids to wash and do some laundry. They are still without power at this moment.
    I am glad you are all ok.

  6. Thanks for stopping in my blog. I thought the snow was something to talk about. But your ice might have it beat. That is unreal. I love your picture of the ice on the trees with the playset in the background.

  7. Wow, 37 degrees indoors is COLD! Those are very cool ice storm pictures! It almost looks like a different planet. My 4 year old has a pink kitty hat just like Tessa's. Super cuteness! Oh, and I haven't cut my hair in 6 months either. It's way past the dead end stage!

  8. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are AMAZING! we had an ice storm when we lived in Oregon when Liv was two - it looks really pretty but the no power would be no fun! Looks like you all had a blast at the hotel!

  9. I love that you pick the photos that flatter you the best. You're so my kind of girl! And it looks like you needed the wine to help warm you up! That sleeping photo of the kids was sooo sweet!

    But you're making me cold just looking at those outdoor photos! Brrrrrrr! Glad you have your power back on!

  10. Love your pictures. What an adventure! MA declared a state of emergency, too... we just got rain. Is your power back on?

    I love the picture of you and Tessa. The girls.

  11. what an adventure! The pictures of the trees are just beautiful!!
    How sweet is that shot of the kids sleeping near each other? I love it!

  12. Love the candlelight pics! I can't believe all of that ice! Glad you guys survived it. :) T is certainly learning that your family can make it through anything together.

  13. Oh my gracious! Honestly, I cannot even imagine that kind of weather! I've been complaining about the cold in our drafty house because it got down to 67, Lori. WOW! The ice looks just incredible! Glad you survived. Next time, come to SoCal for a visit and you can bring your shorts! :)

  14. I was thinking about you when I saw CNN and wondering if you got hit! Boy, did you ever! Looks like a little bit of fun mixed in, though. You guys all look so happy, and you do look GREAT in all the pictures, yes. But that's just 'cause you're so cute. :) Glad things are getting back to normal for you. What amazing scenery you had for awhile, though.