Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is what Team Ethiopia WILL be doing! *Video Update* Re:Well?????

Twestival Drill Day 4 - Well Complete from charity: water in Ethiopia from charity: water on Vimeo.

Is it me or do we actually look alike???? I think we look alike! LOVE THAT!

So, here's the deal Team Ethiopia. The numbers are in as of today.

I'm taking a vote - Do you want to know the number as of today, or do you want more stupid videos (by me) to keep pushing through other resources until we reach our second well??

****Edited version - no voting, it's been decided, we're going for TWO****

Did you know, most companies will MATCH any donation you give. Ask your employer if they do, that could really boost our numbers.

I love all of your efforts. You've done an AMAZING job. EVERY single one of you who have donated will save lives. Go Team Ethiopia! Don't forget, these are not my wells, they're OUR WELLS. And everyone on the team will be getting something to signify our team effort within the next month, or after we reach our goal! ;)


  1. Could you just once stop being beautiful... ugh.

    I vote wait. As much as I love instant gratification, I'd love two wells more.

  2. I agree. STOP being so darn cute. It's killing me. But please wait, I believe we can make it to 2 wells.

  3. Push for two wells! I'll be begging on my blog again soon :)

  4. Oh, wait for two wells Gorgeous!! And don't stop being beautiful, just don't you dare tell me your dress size. ;) Love you! Go Team Ethiopia!

  5. 2 wells~~~ I know it can be done!!! Incredible. :)

  6. I vote we GO FOR 2!!!! Go Team Ethiopia!!

  7. I say push for 2 wells. I am sending a donation. You know it will be kind of small but how can I not. Wish you were helping me with my fundraising!!! Tell me where to send?

  8. this is so amazing lori!!!
    thanks times-a-million for organizing this effort. it's so great to be a part of it and get to talk to my kids about it.
    hooray! two wells!

  9. You got it! Joey and I are putting in $10, and out sweet daughter Isabell who watched your video is donating $10. So, you have $20 from our little family! Good job Lori, so proud of you!

    Can't wait to hear the next update!

    ~Brooke, Joey, Isabell, and Birhanu

  10. I love greedy snots - go for the second well!!! I'll be hitting up all the guests at N's Bday party HARD!!
    Amazing job pulling this all together Lori!! Go Team Ethiopia!!

  11. Glad it is going to be two! Thanks for all your awesome work. It's fair game to play the beauty card, keep looking great, girl. :)

  12. Lori, You don't know me, but I love your blog and have enjoyed following the story of your adoption from Ethiopia. I hope to have a similar story to share sometime soon! My husband and I are inspired by you -we are in the process of starting (?) an Ethiopian adoption and I have showed my husband several of your posts to give him perspective (and show him how cute your little girl is!) I am so happy to be able to donate to Charity Water - I just made my donation and am so happy for the success you have had with your project!!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me!
    P.S. As I type this comment I am wearing my "Twilight" tshirt and thought you would appreciate knowing that we have that in common as well! - Deena Marquis, Wisconsin

  13. Great job Team Ethiopia dna to our fearless leader Lori!