Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You think that's a big list??? Just wait!

Team Ethiopia is making waves and moving mountains. Let's keep getting the word out!!

The team list on the sidebar is nothing compared to the updated list charity:water sent me. I'll update it over the weekend. Also, my videographer (MP) and I have an announcement video planned to produce over the weekend when we return (I hope.)

And also, all member of Team Ethiopia will be getting a little something in the mail in about a month or so!!!!

Go Team!



  1. Jason has a saying...when the kids or parents start complaining...he says, "Be part of the solution." This takes it to a new level. you are awesome.

  2. I have only commented on your blog a couple of times, but feel like my family NEEDS to be a part of this.
    Can you let me know what we can do to be a part of "Team Ethiopia"?

  3. I'm so stinkn excited for details!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how we are doing! You continue to push this along with such persistence and enthusiasm! You are doing a fantastic job! Go TEAM!

  5. Ok laurie, we are finally in! Remind me where to go to donate...

  6. Lori! You have done amazing work! Congrats to you!