Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's almost done!

The packing that is!!!! Not one gift has been purchased. Why move presents? And the past couple of years presents have been MUCH different for obvious reasons. Water! Focus! Purpose! Need! And most importantly, why do we celebrate? Is it because of Santa? I hope I don't need to answer that, in fact, I know I don't. You are all of the same mindset.

We're out in a week from today. The house is quite odd and queer feeling. But, I am smiling as what is to come! A new start! A fresh palette, a new adventure and walls to fill with memories of our family. Not to mention LOTS of space to fill and decorate, and God, I really do thank you for a pool to look forward to next year!!! That is SO sad that I wrote that, but I thought it would make someone smile! I love water for charity, but also for my big fat ass to glide in!

We ARE supremely grateful and blessed for the wonderful new abode that the Parkers are soon to fill! No pictures today. For most is packed! Sorry. We're down to paper products and sparse lighting!

So, you'll see me on the other side I'm guessing! xoxoxo Happy Family Memories to you all!!! More to come!

xoxo Lor


  1. I like the title of your blog
    God Bless You

  2. Your husband is hot. I like them on the shorter side .. but powerful. I bet he played football when he was yound. He looks strong .. and smart.