Thursday, November 19, 2009

No title.......

As I sit here at my computer desk to type a post I can't think of a title. The sound of my fingers striking the keys is making a soft echo in this empty room that used to be filled with warm objects to bounce sound off of. Not anymore. The house is a wreck. We're well into the throws of packing and still have a long way to go in the next three weeks. I will miss my little station here. This is where so much has happened to me. This chair! I found blogs a few years ago from here. Found an adoption agency, filled out countless pieces of paperwork and made friends from this very spot. I've had every emotion possible from sitting here and it's almost time to say goodbye. I will have a new way of writing since my office will be on the third floor loft. Yes, I am actually getting a laptop just to cruise the net and blog! This way I'm not tied down to my desk anymore! I can do fb right from the living room!! And you thought I was on here a lot now!!!

I have so much to be excited about with this next move. I like change. And our family will have tons of new routines to figure out, new schedules, new traditions and certainly many new memories.

These are my random thoughts today! I still pray to Jesus to use me somehow to get back to Africa/Ethiopia. To find a path for me. I know that I am meant to do more. I don't see the big picture. Maybe he wants to wait for the move before revealing it to me! :) Anyway, I welcome it with open arms! By the way, NO I did not change my hair again... it's an old picture!!!


  1. Excited for you. I have a thought.......will talk soon! Xoxo

  2. Thinking of you...moving. How exciting! Good things are coming.