Monday, August 16, 2010

Who wants change, cuz I'm done with mine!!!

Finally - I can say that the question marks that I've lived with for close to a year are all answered. The house is sold, the family dynamic has shifted, I have found a lovely home to move into, and also have a job!

Talk about a ton of change.... I feel very content, happy, and know that while these changes have been very painful to many people in my life, they are changes that needed to be made. Changes that I pray will make me a better mother, human being, and server to those I love and allow me to chase my passion.

My priorities have changed ever since that little trip to a small place called Ethiopia! ;) Now that all this mess is just about done, I can concentrate on drinking the most important things. When Momma's happy, kids are happy. When we stop and really think about the importance of happiness and how it permeates throughout everything we do every single day. When we are happy, really happy, it is contagious. And I want that to spread it into my babies, I want to spread it to everyone around me. It's kind of like "pay it forward"....

Because together we can accomplish so very much. I know that Team Alexander has some super exciting plans to share soon. So, once I'm 100% settled, you can just imagine I'll be ALL over that! I know what you're thinking... "shit, here comes Lori with her stupid videos"... YEP!

I'm feast or famine, and I really want to get back into blogging and throw my passion to my babes and to Ethiopia, I need to be patient, it can't happen yet! I want them to learn early how critical it is to look beyond themselves, be good citizens of the world and honor their country, the best one on earth.  I can feel the GIANT wave of greatness that is just around the corner. I can't wait.

The next month is going to be living hell... but I'll get through it and once I'm on the other side I can really focus on the important things. I have been selfish in my free time, that is going to change too. Having a normal routine again with the kids is something I am craving. Getting back to planning dinners, reading every night at bed and most importantly, not being impatient with them because of my stress. Kids feel that. And they don't deserve too, but it happens that way sometimes. Not for much longer... nope.

This fall will be the best fall ever. Settling in, nesting and getting ready for my favorite holiday. CHRISTmas!

The biggest challenge for me is bucking up and learning how to operate heavy equipment. Should be a sight to see. The lawn tractor/trailer and snow blower! I know how to "ride" on the tractor, but I've never mowed with it! Should be fun....

That's all I got for an update -


  1. Don't you know how much I will count on those videos???

  2. I love this post. I have been seeing things evolve on FB, but I just have to say that this says so much in such a respectful, loving way. You and those two beautiful kiddos deserve only the best and I wish nothing but that for you. Once I get my own head out of my --- and learn to deal better with 4 littles and a golden puppy I vow to join you in your passion!! Ethiopia is REALLY pulling on my heartstrings these days more than ever, just need to let the logistics fall into place. Hang in there - you're doing great!!!!

  3. Glad to hear things are looking up!! :)

  4. Here's to finding your Happy!!! Can't wait to see your next video!!

  5. Love your post. I can't wait to sit down in person with you...hug you...and just simply talk, catch up, and let you know I ma here for you anytime:) September!!!!

  6. I know we share the same passion and could do GOOD things together!! :) Change is hard, but soon your new normal will be comfortable and you can focus on those wonderful videos! I like what you have to say about teaching your children to think outside of themselves and serve others! I'm with ya girl!!