Monday, November 26, 2007


I had to take this with my blackberry since my camera is no longer a working electronic! It's fuzzy, but you get the idea! To anyone who read the previous post about the location of the tree, I spent two hours myself re-arranging the living room furniture, dis-assembling the tree from the opposite side of the room, and re-assembling the tree in it's "proper" location! Michael walked in while I was connecting the last string of lights and rolled his eyes and walked away. I said "what"? He replied, "you just had to do it didn't you?" If it isn't obvious, I'm delighted to be able to see the tree every time I'm in the kitchen or walking to my desk!!

Here are a few of the cupcakes from Nick's party! They were fun to make (all 24) and more fun to eat!! We tried to do the hair appropriate to fact, that is why Papa only has two little pieces sticking up!! :)

On the adoption front, today was a very good day. We get weekly updates from our agency and there has been alot of activity with referrals etc. now that everything seems to be back on track in Ethiopia as far as the courts go. There will probably be another delay around Christmas, but not like the two month court closing they had this fall!

My best guess based on activity is that we'll be getting our call within the next two to three months!! That puts us at around a six month wait which is what they told us. Let's hope so!

And lastly, this is a picture of the old prison turned luxury hotel in Boston. Unfortunately, the phone doesn't do it justice! Very cool place.


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  2. Your Tree is AMAZING!! And those goodness....I can't even frost a cupcake.

    Ya the weekly update looked good this week! A little movement is always great! I really hope it keeps movin!!


  3. The tree is beautiful!! We just put ours up and had a hard time putting it anywhere! The tree really is too big for our house (we got it from my parents when they moved out of the country!) and we finally settled on a place...we didn't put the backside branches on so it would fit closer to the wall! No one has even noticed yet :)