Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crazy before bedtime!

Well, I've not been sleeping at ALL in the past few weeks which makes "mommy very cranky"! :) This is my attempt to be like the "Shining" and all, but a poor attempt!

Anywho, I've been falling asleep at 2:00 ish every night and it's for a whole host of reasons:
1. Adoption? (who knew)
2. Adoption? (I know)
3. Empathizing with the pain of others, badly, this is a condition that I suffer with and also feel blessed with.
4. Nick - not enjoying his new "big boy room".... I didn't bother posting about this whole literal "nightmare" that we've been trying to cope with every night. Finally, keeping things short, he's back in his "big boy room" ( I realize that you didn't know that he left it) and is the proud big brother of the new "lit" Christmas tree IN his room (it's a smallish, like 36" high one on his bureau). It illuminates his room while pushing the Halloween monsters back where they belong! I won't say exactly where they belong, but you parents out there know for sure! He is excited and calmed by having the "lit" tree in his room because it gives off such a warm and wonderful light throughout the room and it also emphasizes that Jesus (and Santa) are watching over him and his room at night. We also told him that monsters HATE anything to do with Christmas and Christmas trees. The tree will scare away any monsters or spiders left over from Halloween.

Can I just say that as a parent I feel like a total B.S. artist.... I don't know if I'm the only one just "going with the flow" here, but I just don't know if I'm doing more harm than good. My only reference point is my upbringing (eek) and those parents around me etc.... I "think" we're doing O.K., but I guess I won't know until my son is older??? All we can do is try, try, try, try, try, and when that fails, try again!~

Nick's party is tomorrow and we just finished doing a bunch of shopping and work on the special individual cupcakes for his guests!!! I'm hoping to fall asleep very soon - bringing my new "mild" Sudoku to bed - I actually finished one today and Michael said, " isn't that the very mild version?" What a pip!

I can always do the easy versions and seem to do good on the hard versions until I get half way through and realize that something has gone drastically wrong! At that point I just turn the page and start a new one or close the book and give up! Perhaps that's why I haven't tried again until this week when a new "mild" Sudoku book seemed to have entered our home mysteriously...

Seriously, Michael brought it home for me a few days ago! Hey, who wants diamonds and flowers anyway? Not me! I'd much rather feel like an ignoramus with a word game considered "mild"! For those of you who barely know me, my sarcasm is pretty high right now and this is a typical jokeing and silly moment!

I will post a bunch in the next day or so. Wish my $800+ Sony digital camera wasn't "busted"...... again..... GRR!


  1. Yeah, it is pretty emotional, isn't it! Hang in there. You know, we requested info on several waiting kids and never asked to be matched (until Zufan). We truly waiting for a "regular" referral when she came along. I'll be so excited to see what is in store for your family.

  2. oops, I left off a word there! Sorry. :) I really only have half a brain these days. In 2 weeks from today we will be ON the plane to Addis...