Thursday, June 5, 2008

Make HER a double!


I said nothing would pull me out of the funk except our referral call... WRONG!!!

There has been a ton of bird activity right next to my office on the back deck, like crazy bird activity. They won't leave and that has never happened. Plus they're squawking and singing like crazy. If anyone remembers from last December there was a bird incident when I was shoveling and I knew a referral was coming for someone - it was Bethany and Jeff.

So the past couple of days I've been tentatively thinking and jumping when the phone rings... and... nothing!

To be honest, I was in my room an hour ago praying and praying to Jesus that I have to see her, like now! And... the phone rang, I jumped!!! Nope.

I threw my stuff in the car to pick up my straight "M" student from daycare (graduation was today and his progress reports was all "M's", the highest letter)!

Pulled up to the mailbox and saw magazines, newspapers and bills. Started to close the door without taking the stuff as nothing was exciting enough that I wanted it sliding around on the passenger seat!

As all of us are aware, there is a dire situation unfolding once again in Ethiopia. So many of us did research and struggled with our helplessness. I cried for days on and off reading the stories coming from Africa and found myself so, so, so sad.

A member of my agency's yahoo group said that they had contacted WHFC to ask if there was anything our families here could do and or what aid resource/organization is best. He posted a response back from one of Ethiopia team members at WHFC. She spoke about their sponsorship program etc etc.. I had heard about the sponsorship program before but never the depths of what it really meant. I was in! The help was immediate, the help was huge, the help impacts the life or lives of a family. It enables them to pay for school, get medical treatment, and get FOOD. The sponsorship program is handled by the in country persons and so it is right away help.

I see a large-ish square envelope upside-down between the newspapers and grab it to confirm my assumption of "junk mail" before pulling away. The return address was Wide Horizons for Children with their recognizable logo in the corner. As I started to open it and read the first couple of sentences I quickly realized what this was! I saw lined paper in the back with immature print.... omg.... I had no idea that I would get something written from anyone! I forced myself to be patient and read the formal letterhead with instructions on how to correspond with this child. Then I threw those on the seat (I was in Park at this point crying ugly) and saw a picture.
SHE is absolutely stunning, SHE is an eight year old girl living in the Tigray region. SHE is a full orphan, SHE doesn't go to school, SHE used to live with her aunt but not anymore. SHE is precious... and she wrote me/us a letter.

And do you know what's at the bottom of the page...

This beautiful hand drawn picture of birdies....

I am so full of joy to get this today.... her name is Tsige!! Thank you God!


  1. How goodness. I love this post Lori. SO, so, beautiful. Birds seem to be your sign Lor.

    MMM, MMM, MMM, what a great post.

  2. what a breath of fresh air

  3. I so have goosebumps reading this post!!

    I'll bet it's a sign of good things to come!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing this, it is so so encouraging to here! I love it!
    I also was having a bad day the other day (i'm a fellow waiting adopting parent) and I got the mail and found our first letter from our sponsor child. I just burst into tears, it was so sweet and totally made my night.
    Sounds like this made your month!!!
    hope you get the call soon.


  5. Beautiful!! (I have so much to say, but I keep deleting it, because it just doesn't seem to express how this post made me feel. So, I'll just leave my first two words! :)

  6. How much do I love this post?

    I miss you! Catch up tomorrow??? :)

  7. I am checking your blog like crazy. You are so CLOSE!!! I hope it is today. I am praying it is today. You have waited for a LONG TIME!!!
    Hey we will be at BN tonight around 7pm if you want to join us.
    love, LENKA

  8. I so hope your referral is right around the corner!

    I'm sure Tsige is beautiful and she is someone you can focus on praying for (while you continue to pray for your little one!)

  9. That is so wonderful, Lori. It always feels good to DO something, doesn't it? Maybe one day you will meet her! In any case, her life will be greatly improved because of the sponsorship program.

  10. Wow! Thanks for posting. Joy comes in unexpected ways sometimes :)

  11. How beautiful! Wow, Lor, I just love this!

  12. OMG, I just went back and read this post.... how serendipitous! I have CHILLS!