Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Nicholas ~ Lots of pictures!

And she huffed, and she puffed and after a mere 27 hours, she pushed him right out!
This was taken shortly after his birth - I was a zombie, like you couldn't tell! It was incredible! The love that exploded in that room was nothing short of the miracle of a child ~ You'll notice I was able to have Kiki put lipstick on me!

Daddy holding his son for the first time...
At home, first bath...

Party time - FIVE YEARS OLD 11-20-03!!!

Kissing Papa ~
Bouncing with Grandma ~

Uncle Jim, Auntie Kiki (my sister), Nick, and cousin Christina (Beana)~

Yaya and Papa (my parents) ~

She's a devil! What fun!

Let's cut this cake so I can get the heck outta here! This was the first year I didn't make his cake, the guilt!!!!

Daddy, Nick, Mommy.... awww...


  1. That's awesome. 27 hours?! You beat me by 3 hours. Fun times, huh? ;) Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! He is just so adorable, and I LOVE that first picture of the two of you. You look incredible, I can't believe you came out of childbirth looking like that! Not fair!! :) Your family looks so happy. I'm so happy for you, keep on enjoying it all.

  3. I loved looking at those pictures--brought back memories of being in the hospital with my babies! Your KIDS are beautiful!

  4. You looked great for 27 hours of labor! Nick is such a cutie. :) Happy Birthday!

  5. Beautiful pictures Lori. Give that wonderful big brother a big hug from us. How are you feeling?

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nicholas! 5 is FUN!

    OK, #1 Lori, I just love those first two photos... you exhausted, and MP verklempt. Awesome! Nicholas' baby pictures are so precious. What a little cutie! And, Tessa's expression in the one with her jumping on the couch by Grandma is so darling! That girl is personality PLUS! I just love your kiddoes!

  7. Happy Birthday, Nick! It looks like your family had a great day! The pictures of the past 5 years are incredible! The sweet innocence in each is breathe-taking!

  8. Okay, this is random. But you totally got me addicted to the Twilight series of books. I love your Edward shirt. I went with 2 girlfriends to watch the movie at 10pm Saturday night. It was so good. I am in the 3rd book now. Anyway, it's all your fault and I thank you for it. :)
    Happy B-day Nick! You are adorable and handsome all at the same time.


  9. Happy birthday to Nick! He is pretty stinkin cute. I love the progression of pictures.

    I'm amazed at how great you looked after 27 hours of labor! Are you kidding me? I'm not saying any names, but I've been to visit several people after they had their babies and...not so good :)

  10. Cute Pics! I love that you wore lipstick after giving birth. CLASSIC!!!!

    Is that an "Edward" shirt your wearing in the picture? Uhhh....Is it possible to be in love with a vampire from a novel? I'm pretty sure that I love Edward. I asked my husband if I could call him Edward for awhile. No, that didn't go over so well.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  11. Great pics and story -- happy birthday!

    Love your shirt. LOL