Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ketch-up post ~

My kids - it still kills me to say something like, "I'm upstairs with the KIDS". For the many of you with more than one child this seems small, but it's a wonderful BIG change in our home!

The weather outside is frightful... well, not really. I've begun listening to CHRISTmas music and I couldn't resist the cliche! It's getting pretty cold in New England, like 39 degrees cold most nights but in the fifties during most days (can't complain). But darkness hits real early this time of year here..... like 4:30 PM, yes in the afternoon. Here's a sampling of what's new at our house with TWO kids.

In health news; Tessa, Nick, and I are doing really good. My energy is getting very close to normal again! Woohoo!

This video is for Antie PQ - We made 12lbs of meatballs! It was a fun family event! ALL hands were washed well and Purell'd, no worries.... Everybody but Tessa got in on the fun of rolling!

I'll throw it at your face; you WILL NOT THROW IT AT MINE!

Tessa: "I just put a frog in your undies, heheheh......"

Behold the beauty of this girl - no jokes - she is amazing, inside and out!

Tessa's first half day of daycare! Good for me, fantastic for her. It's been three months since we returned home with Tessa and we felt she was ready to start interacting with other kids and Nick at pre-school! She did AWESOME and they LOVE her there! She still needs some work with things but she continues to blow us away with her adaptability. But don't ask me about naps or bedtime! No, just kidding, she's ok with them, but it's really the only time she shows any protest. And it's slight at that!

My baby girl in her first winter coat!


  1. I adore your KIDS. She looks so cute in her winter gear.
    Congrats Tessa on a great first day of pre-school (and obviously they LOVE her)!

  2. She is a serious beauty for sure. And your son is absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you guys are getting better and that Tessa is doing so well!

  3. WOW!

    What a transformation!

    Its hard to even recoginize that joyful life loving girl....so different from the photos from Ethiopia. Talk about watching a child grow and come out from her shell overnight....it is a testiment to the power of your love.

  4. I love Tessa's big grin in her pictures. And, your captions are hilarious. I think I laugh every single time I read your blog :)

    I'm sure Nick and Tessa love being together at preschool. So good that she has a big brother that takes care of her!

  5. First of all, I'm SO glad to hear that you're feeling better! That just makes my day!

    Secondly, I just LOVE the photos of your kiddoes... They're completely wonderful, Lor. Give 'em a kiss from Auntie Laurie.

    Thirdly, I'm totally jealous of your late fall weather. It's still hot here. Grrr...

  6. I love the video. Your son is JUST like mine... loves to help make food but doesn't want to eat any of it.

    Are those Sicilian meat balls? I wanna try one.

  7. They look so so so so CUTE!!!! Are they in preschool together? That is wonderful. I have no worries about leaving my kids when they have each other. So sweet to have siblings, isn't it? :) Glad you are feeling better! Keep taking care of yourself, find time for a few breaks here and there.

  8. You are a wise, wise woman!

    Yes! I am on Facebook!

  9. Tessa has the best smile. Stay warm up there!