Monday, June 15, 2009

I got nothin'

I really don't have anything new to post. Life has been, well, uneventful this past week. As much as I love that and craved it I must admit I'm kind of bored. Good news. I'm sick again! Why is that good news? Because it's just a stupid sinus infection and not MONO! :)

It's been a week since my last post so I'm due. I have nothing to talk about and am assuming as I sit here and type that something will zip through my cloudy head....

Still nothin'...

Ok, I know what I can do. I'll just type the random little happenings around Lexington.

-MP is traveling during fathers day :(

-My sister just left for China on biz.

-Tessa and Nick are MADLY in love

-Did I mention I have work? Two new jobs! Yahoo. I feel a turn-around.

-I love twilight

-Our six month and final appointment with our social worker is this Friday

-I have not found a tick on Snoopy yet - love it

-Two pounds are back on my butt - NOT good

-I want to adopt another child from Ethiopia, like a KID, as in not toddler, not infant

-How can it be the middle of June already

-I really want to write something of substance, but can't think of anything

-There are no new pictures from this week since MP's party

-It's been mostly raining here for the past week

-Due to above illness I had to bow out of a Diana Krall concert and family portraits

-I had a weekend FULL of drama (not w/MP)

-Praying for guidance on a few things regarding Ethiopia

-Charity:water T-minus $600.00 left!!

That's about it *sneezing* for now.

If something interesting comes up in the next few minutes I'll come back. Hope you are all well.


  1. I like the thinking about adopting again part. And, I had no idea that you love Twilight. ;)

  2. For someone with nothin' to say, you sure wrote a long post ;)

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Really genius post on "nothin"! Loved it.

  4. Hey Lor,
    At church this past Sunday the pastor said that right now on the Christian calendar this time of year is actually called "Ordinary Time"-for real. I had never heard of it before but I like the sound of it. Sometimes it's great to just have "nothin" going on. Feel better-

  5. Smooches. Hope you're feeling better by tomorrow. If not I'm coming up to make (buy) you that soup I promised.

  6. They are so freakin cute!
    Feel better!


  7. That picture is priceless. I'm glad you're feeling better. I think nothing is pretty okay. Now I have to go try and formulate a post about mending fences... ;)

  8. What a great picture of your kids!! So, so, so cute. Wow.

  9. hi lori, its been too long since i last checked in on your blog and i've really, really enjoyed reading your last few posts...even when you got nothin, you got somethin'. I loved your post about adopting older kids (i'm having pangs in that direction myself) and it was so good to read about your referralversary. hope you are feeling better too!

  10. The picture is unbelievable- so cute.

  11. Your little girl looks so happy now and so cute! How old was she when you got her referral?

    Ah... I love that you posted about wanting another one. We want to adopt again but it will be a while- raising money for it is hard. Do you know if you want a boy or a girl? How old are you thinking? Ethiopian children are the best! I wish we could adopt a few more! :)