Sunday, June 7, 2009

MP's 40th wine tasting party celebration!!

This is just before the guests (25) arrived~calm, cool, collected.... sorta!

The inside bar is stocked ~ let's not forget the two full tubs full of beer/wine outside!

Awwww, so beautiful! Nick thinks Tessa is a "piss ant" and would prefer he be the only one in any pictures or socializing with the guests about to arrive~

The four out of five of us ~ the girls! We missed you Steph & Steve!

Parke giving the toast/roast ~ you'll see it in video below ~ he likes to hit below the belt! It was awesome! Thanks Parke~xoxo

All listening to the man giving his wine tasting notes before the next sampling~my guy~MP

My daddy and cousin Peter! We love Pete and Patti and don't see them and the kids nearly enough!

Parke and his wife Chris w/Tessa ~ their first meeting~~

Tessa and my niece "little" Michelle ~

Auntie Lisa, Little Michelle (my niece), and Kiki (my sister) Michelle

Uncle Jim and Tessa-Roo

The guest of honor and my girl Lynnie ~

My girl Rhonda ~ bff's ~ and soon to be roomies on our first girls getaway with the FIVE of us of
after 25 years of being friends. Is that not needed??

My girl Lynnie ~ possible roomies at our getaway, if she complies with the roomie rules, "NO SPOONING"! As you can see, when the evening started to wind down, my attire did too! That shirt is from the Gurske's Perpetual change website! Love it!


Love you baby~not you MJ, MP~

MP and his twin Parke! Is that not the best name ever??

I asked Parke to say a few words toast/roast MP! He did a great job!


  1. What a beautiful family you have. Your dad is so cute!

    Can't wait for the next Water update!!!!!

  2. First off...... I love wine parties and think I need to throw anual ones now.

    Second..... I love Tessa's dress and need one for Adey

    Third..... You are hot

    Fourth... Thanks for "Representing" Perpetual Change. :-)

    Fifth..... Love you!