Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ketchup post!

Tessa turned four - it was her very first celebrated birthday! She insisted on a pink heart cake. I made a round one and cut it into the shape of a heart - not bad!

Tractor rides on Sunday while MP planted the window boxes!

My future bro-in law bought my sister and I tickets to see Dave Matthews (we love them) and we rushed through dinner and bolted to Fenway Park - it was awesome! Thanks Jim!

Just because he is irresistible!

Two candles we lit at the birthday party to signify the two important people that brought Tessa into the world. Their presence will be in our hearts this birthday and every one. This is going to be a tradition. Another tradition is that on every birthday we will give Tessa a gift from Ethiopia!

The birthday girl and her followers. Daddy, Grandpa, and Nick!

She also insisted on wearing this white dress!


  1. I love the update and all the pictures! Especially the one of you and Tessa on the tractor. Great job on the heart cake and I love that you lit candles for her birthparents!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I love you sweet pea.

  3. Love the cake! Good job mom. Such a cute post and Tessa is amazing.

  4. So I was expecting a post about ketchup....

    She is crazy gorgeous.. Loved all the pics!

  5. She is TOO cute for words! Happy Birthday, Tessa!

  6. I am so glad that you shared your tradition of the 2 candles lit on her birthday. I will definitely add that as well when we have our girl home. Your cake is great and you all are some good lookin peeps. :)


  7. A belated but heartfelt Happy Happy Birthday Tessa!!

    Lori I love your idea of lighting the two candles! That's something I think I'd really like to do for our daughter's birthday in Aug. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Oh well happy late birthday! I love the cake. awesome. She is so pretty!

  9. that should have been: Oh! Well, I love the dog picture and happy late birthday... I don't know what happened when it posted. It didn't post everything!