Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some new news. Don't get excited!

Hey all. I'm here, but not really. I've barely read your blogs and obviously haven't been active with mine. Why? Oh dear, I don't have the energy now, maybe some other time.

I've been toying with the retirement of this blog. Let's face it, you've all (ten of you) heard what I have to say on almost every topic, have seen our path to Tessa Bezu and our return home almost ONE YEAR AGO!

The final decision is to not retire. I know I'd regret it soon. I've loved writing on here so much. And I love all my readers. I've made some connections through this process that I'll never ever forget.

So, with that - I'll see you either next week, tomorrow, or next month! Don't forget I'm on FB if you need me. I'm always there!

xo Lori


  1. I'm glad you're not retiring. It's cathartic to have a place to speak your mind, even if it's only once every two weeks. And I like hearing your mind. Even when it's in the gutter. ;)

  2. Yay! I would have been so sad. Eventhough I have you on FB and Skype and real life- this is where we met, it all began......memories my dear, memories. I appreciate you sticking it out.

  3. you can't retire! next time you think of doing it think of all you have done through this blog!!!

  4. Yes, stay! FB is a chatter box meet-up that I love, but a blog is a place to dwell and expand on your thoughts. I like both from you. :)


  5. Yea....that's good news! I would miss checking the blog and seeing the new pictures and posts.


  6. So happy you are not retiring your blog. You have had some Very inspiring posts on adopting an older child, some of which I used on my hubby when we were deciding whether or not to accept the referral of a 7ish yr old girl from Ethiopia...well, needless to say we will soon be bringing home our princess! Thank you for all you do and say!!!

  7. You have done too much good work to retire. Glad you are hangin in there. I can relate though, I have a hard time posting.