Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who want's pictures? Here ya go!

A post in pictures! The past couple of weeks at the lake and in swim class!
I got ZERO comments on my last post. :( I'd also be willing to travel w/anyone who get's their kiddo's (only if I know you) from Ethiopia. I know several of you that are waiting!!!! Anyone, anyone?? I can be emotional and physical support, plus love on all the kids in the care centers.
I'll save the rest for another post. For now, enjoy!

Yes, that's my mother who got soaked by MP's cannon ball! :)

First day of swim class: "Mom, put the camera down, you're embarrasing me"!

Tessa has captured the attention of these two "callers". Notice the boy next to her. Look at the placement of his right hand... I should have belted him! He must have been thinking, "my, what soft skin you have beautiful chocolate princess."

Nick, he can capture an audience too. "I can swim better than you two pin heads".

Yay, class is over. "Did you say we're going to McDonalds?????"

Nick watching his sister swimming - I love how he adores her!

Cornrows!! Someone's leggies are filling out! But not her bum, her swim bottom was falling off!

Snoopy after his swim at the lake, I love how he's biting his lip!

Two kids that need a new hair - do!

Sunset at the lake w/a cocktail. Life is good! My cocktail preference is NOT a juice box!

Beautiful girl!

This picture will be used as evidence in court as his defense attorney tries to get him off the murder charges against me!

Ok, Kiki, it's six-tini, let me go so I can go make my cocktail already!


  1. I love Tessa's yellow shirt/skirt outfit! she's a beauty. we've been swimming a lot here too...

  2. Love the picture of Nick watching his sissy!! So precious!!

  3. Beautiful kiddos!! And yep, that body glove pic would definitely hold up in court!

  4. I don't comment much but I do read your blog. I found your post on adopting an older child very though provoking. You said things that I had not even thought about. Thank you for sharing!


  5. too cute!! no way to narrow it down to comment on one pic or even two. those are two of the most beautiful kiddos ever! did you do the cornrows? impressive! :)

  6. great pics, Lori. That snoopy is just something else. Love him.

  7. That smile is the smile of a happy little girl (who looks like a little lady by the way)! Great pictures and what an amazing family!

  8. I love your kids! They are so stinkin' CUTE!