Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The current #2!

This is our favorite #2! For now, but I guess he'll continue to be number two and the new baby will be #3! I thought that I'd pay tribute to our little peanut as this week he's celebrating his first birthday... Happy Birthday Snoopy!! We love you very much!

Unfortunately he doesn't look quite like this anymore since this photograph is from last October - how quickly they grow. As I am typing this, my constant companion is sighing in the not very far distance with exhaustion. He's had quite a day of lounging - his little eyes are but slits right now and his breathing is becoming increasingly slowed and relaxed. Oh no, wait, he heard a bird outside and got up to check things out. Well, that was quick because he's already back, taking a slow drink of water and looking for the next place to turn into a little donut; usually the wing back chair in my office - and, without further ado, the wing back is no longer vacant!

So predictable - Good night all and Good night dear Snoopy, our forever beautiful #2~




  1. That photo of Snoop-dog is adorable...I still have the photos we took of him chewing a TBL boot...cutie pie.

  2. Love the dog pic:) We have two large canine family members as well that currently occupy two club chairs!! We are on the road to ET too, I look forward to following your journey.