Friday, July 20, 2007

How's your geography knowledge??

So, you think you're a super sleuth when it comes to geography?? I recently saw and played this neat game about the locations of African countries. I won't admit my score unless some of you brave souls are willing to take the test and then post your score. I'll at least tell you that my score was higher than Michael's! :) No surprise there, right!

So, if you're up for the challenge, click the link below and give it a whirl. It only takes a few minutes (unless you read the brief history description on the left side of the page).

Good Luck and don't forget to post your score!

Click under "countries (middle section) and "beginner level".


  1. Ok...I guess I'll be the first to put my genius out there for all to see! I scored 40% 21/53.

    Anybody else?

  2. I guess at 55%, 29/53, I am at the head of the pack...for now.