Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michael's first entry-

My name is Michael. I’m 38 years old and married to Lori for 6 years. Together we were lucky enough to have one spry, bright, shining star, Nicholas – who will tell you he’s “phhhrrreee years ode”. Our other baby, Snoopy, can’t tell you he’s only 1; although you know it when you meet him. Like his brother, Snoopy is a spry Golden Retriever with personality you’d think was almost human.

For work, I’m a Marketing guy. In life, I’m a dad and husband. I work to live. Although I consider myself lucky to truly love what I do.

I’m unashamed to admit I’m simple. To me, there’s nothing better than time spent at home. Be it teaching Nicholas how to throw a Frisbee or lacrosse ball; hurling myself down a slip-n-slide; connecting with my confidant and lover, Lori; hanging out with Snoopy; or puttering around the yard. It’s all good to me.

That’s who I am; today anyway. Change seems to be the constant these days. And things will certainly continue to evolve in our little family. These are exciting times, and I’m enjoying the ride. I know the ride is only a fraction as exciting as the destination. I can’t wait to see what wonder Ethiopia will give our family.

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