Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodbye??? Perhaps...

Bezu's Room!

Well, it's not 100% done but I want to get these up anyway before it get's trashed with kid stuff (as any happy children's room should be - grr) The walls will be peppered with pictures, happy pictures of Bezu and her new family!!! Other than that it's done! And we need to find a cute little bird stuffed animal for the birdcage! Nightstands = $4 each!! Headboard w/onlay painted and distressed by me = $90!!
Crystal lamps = $20 each!! Canvas artwork (reg. $130) = $25!!

The mirror is an antique we've had for awhile in our storage room and I decided to paint it and distress it to match her headboard! Then I just had the old crappy mirror inside replaced!

The dog who wanted to be a princess = priceless!! I can't keep him out of her tiny room!!

Here is the little calendar I made to give to grandma and yaya for Nick while we're gone! I also bought him little (I mean little) gifts to open each day with a love letters from us for each day too!

Me in our old dining room turned staging zone! I'm so excited!!! Thanksgiving around our table will be spectacular this year - we have SO much that we're thankful for, so, so much!

I still can't figure out how to post pictured in a certain order! I bought this shelf for $10 and painted and distressed it! Notice the fairy princess wand and tiara!! Nick LOVES to play with them - oh jeez! He hasn't shown intrest in trying on her tutu... yet!

Finally - me and my guy today on our last full day as boyfriend and girlfriend alone! I was so sad about that a couple of weeks ago but now I am fully ready to take this next jump and begin anew! It's time and we're ready in every sense of the word! Bring it on!

There's not a ton of stuff left to do but enough that tomorrow will be quite busy, I cleaned the refrigerator top to bottom last night which is another sign of nesting!

Welcome home to all the BU 08' families - I wish we were there but am glad that we had some very important things keeping us on the east coast! Hopefully there will be a BU 09'!!

This may be my last post before we leave, we'll see! If so, ciao everyone, see you on the other side (of the world that is). Auntie Kiki (my sister Michelle) will be doing blog updates via our phone calls when we're away. There's nothing more annoying than knowing a friend is in Addis and not getting any info! Hopefully she'll do pictures too!!! She's never blogged before and for that matter neither have any of my LIVE friends... everyone probably thinks I don't have any real friends but I certainly do, they just don't do computer stuff as additively as I. So if you can, cheer on Kiki so she'll be inspired to do a good and thorough job!

Oh yeah, we're leaving Friday 8-8-08 in the afternoon and arriving in Addis at 8:30 Saturday night. We'll sleep and wake up early to meet our daughter Sunday morning! So it will be around 1:00am EST (you'll all be asleep)!

We'll be coming home (hopefully) Saturday the 16th (leaving Addis the 15th) in the afternoon. We're coming straight into Boston Logan airport from Germany which is nice, then just a quick one hour ride home (in two cars of course).... how exciting.

Lor xo


  1. What a beautiful room! Fit for a princess, indeed!!! She's gonna love it.

    I'll keep checking your blog while you're gone for updates! Have a wonderful time!!!!

    I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. The room is PERFECT!!! I can't wait to see her in it. Too funny...I cleaned out the refrigerator top to bottom 2 days before we left for Addis too!

  3. The room is just amazing! You are so great at decorating Lori.

    I wish you safe travels. I will be thinking about you guys.

  4. Wow, what an amazing room. Have an awesome, awesome trip!!! Love the picture of you and your little guy.

  5. So soon! You are leaving so soon! I'm so excited for you guys. What a journey it's been to your little girl!

    Her room looks perfect. You did so much (and you're quite the bargain shopper!). You pretty much seem like you were born to mother a little girl :)

  6. Yeah yeah yeah! I'm SO excited for you! Praying things go SUPER, praying for Bezu, you guys, and can't WAIT to hear about your trip and your sweet girl. Her room is BEAUTIMOUS! Love it. Princess like for SURE! ((((HUGS)))) and prayers friend. And yes BU '09!

  7. It's GORGEOUS!!! What a lovely room sweet Bezu is getting, Lor. Every detail is just beautiful. It makes me smile to think that she'll be home with you so SOON!!!

    By the way, the shot of you in the dining room is darling. The lampshades look like a funky hat! :)

    Have a fabulous, wonderful trip, friend! I'm praying for you!!!


  8. What a pretty room! Super excited for you as you prepare to leave TOMORROW! So fun!

  9. Wow! you did a fabulous job on her room! Such a perfect princess room for such a perfect little princess! I can't put into words how thrilled I am for you right now. Thinking of you every minute! CAN'T WAIT to see pictures of her in your arms.
    All our love,
    The Walker Crew

  10. What a beautiful room. I'm SooooOOOO excited for you. Safe travels! I will stalk your blog until I get details!

  11. I don't know how I missed this post. I love the room. It is so sweet!