Friday, August 15, 2008

Heard it through the grapevine...

Here's another adorable photo of Bezu that I had from before they went to Ethiopia. Sorry I don't have any photos from their trip to post.

I haven't spoken to Lori myself but I have confirmation that they're on their way home! We are all excited to meet them at the airport tomorrow!
I'm sure the next post you see will be from Lori.

I want to thank each of you with all my heart for the love, support and prayers you have brought and continue to bring Lori, Michael, Nicholas and Bezu.

Be well.


  1. michelle - thanks for keeping us updated! This truly is a case where no news IS good news!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

    PK - aka PQ and CO. :>)

  2. She is so cute. I cannot wait to read about your first moments together and your time in Ethiopia

  3. Well, HELLO Beautiful! Isn't she exquisite?! It makes my heart rejoice to know that she'll be heading to her Forever Family home SOON! YAHOO!!!

  4. Thank you for keeping us in the loop! Will be thinking of you nonstop tomorrow! WOW! Tomorrow! They are HOME tomorrow!

  5. So excited they are coming home!! I will be so excited to hear allllllllll about it. :)

    She is going to LOVE her new room.

  6. Thank you for the updates! Ahh, I have the chills right now. I'm so excited to hear all about thier trip.