Friday, August 22, 2008

Logan to Bole, all in a days work~

I cannot seem to get Youtube to work for me so here's a link to us at Logan Airport!

I'd love to write a whole bunch and have been prolonging writing until I was feeling "better" but wanted to at least do some pictures of our trip to Addis.... Since returning home I have a fractured tail bone (from trying to show Tarikua Tessa how to use the 2' kiddie slide in the finished basement) and a cruddy sinus infection! Things could be worse, trust me! We're loving her and I am hoping to show videos etc. in the next couple of days that show each day of our trip. I still cannot wait to go back...

And we're off! Nervous as HELL with a stomach in knots, we head to lunch with MP's parents before heading to the airport (notice a little guy in the background)!

Having our last alone time at the airport, MP sporting a cocktail and I with a Bloody Mary, it was well into the afternoon after all~

Just got on the plane and I'm beyond psyched to have been bumped to business - woo hoo~

We were so afraid to fly Lufthansa because of the recent strike but we were just past the chaos that alot of families faced and had an amazing flight experience (minus the dreadful stop in Sudan which seemed to last forever when we were only a mere 1.5 hours til Bole, Addis)

The Sahara Desert (renamed I think to something else). This was the view for HOURS from the plane and then there was literally "life" and a city with a demarcation line that was crazy! It just went from this picture to a small city, wow!

Bole, Addis Ababa! Yay! We arrived on time-ish and this is the outside of the airport! We were so happy to be greeted by Mulat (WHFC driver and extraordinaire).

MP is so happy we've landed and to be headed for the guesthouse!
Little did I know the hell that awaited me only two days from this picture! :)
THE GATES at Horizon House (from the inside courtyard)... I never imagined the security, and these gates were at the end of a very long alley that you'd never expect to house such a beautiful compound! Wow, just looking at it again is so wonderful.
And this is the other side of the gates, the gates you just saw in the previous picture were to the right of this white "bus".


  1. Thanks for sharing all your pictures - it's so much more fun to hear a story with the visuals :)

    Yikes to the tailbone thing. I cracked mine in high school and it was pretty brutal. Hope you recover soon!!

  2. Are you for real? You fractured your tail bone? What a freak accident! I hope you feel better soon!!!

    I love the pictures... I love Horizon House!

  3. First, I'm so sorry about your tail bone and sinus infection! That's a terrible combination. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
    I love the story/pics combo. I cannot wait to read/see more!
    Much love,

  4. Finally some photos from your trip! Get better!!!
    Love, Kiki

  5. OUCH!! I hope you recover very soon! Your pictures make me want to be back there so bad! And yes, Mulat is an everything! What a stud! (In the very cool, "I make everything happen, I'm the man" way, not the ooooooh kind of way!)

  6. So sorry about your tailbone:-( I can't wait to hear more about your trip and see pictures!!

  7. Ouchie! :( I'm so sorry you hurt your heinie, Lor! What a bummer -- HAHA! :P

    The pics are so cool. I love the video, too. Your excitement is palpable!

    Feel better, hun.

  8. Oh Lori!I am definetly not going to demonstrate the toys now.Thanks for the heads up!My biggest worry is that our 4 year old will not like us.We leave tomorrow,do you have any quick tips??

  9. Ouch! My word Lor, that had to hurt!

    What amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you are all doing well. We can't wait to see more pictures of the new family of four, hint hint. :)

    Get to feeling better soon!


  10. Yikes on the tail bone! I broke mine in college and still cringe remembering the pain. Hope the tail bone and sinuses are better soon!
    Can't wait to see and hear more from your trip!

  11. I hope you recover soon. That must really hurt. I love the new pictures.

  12. What a great job you did with those photos! You're really taking me back. I love it. I SO hope you are feeling better soon!