Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God knows me too well...

God seriously has to slap me in the face when I need an answer to something. It has to be abundantly clear. He knows that, He knows me. I love that!

I was trying to figure out a post idea and Lori S.asked about a birth family visit update. The women that commented on that post really gave me something to chew on. Some very interesting things were pointed out that I hadn't considered. And most of all, some of you shared some very personal experiences and for that I am SO grateful. The blog community is just wonderful.

Something happened the very day after that post. 

I was at the computer (gasp) doing a blog post. YOU KNOW WHO starts wandering by, yes Tessa Bezu; (*note to self, next home office must have doors*)... She sees the picture I used for the post. She stopped and asked; "Mom, was that my house?" I tell NO lie! So I'm all freaking out and stuff after just doing this huge post about her not having a stinking clue. All wide eyed, I turned to her and said, "yes, honey, that was your house in Ethiopia. Do you remember it?" Then she told me that there is another building (if you want to call it that) next to it. And yes, there is. Then she told me where there is grass (she was correct), that there aren't any beds and that she sleeps on wood chairs (they had beds made from branches). The floor is dirty and muddy (also true). No cabinets, no kitchen, no walls (true, true, true). I was flabergasted.  Then when she was done saying these things she kinda cocked her head and got shy and said, "I don't know mommy, I don't remember".  Weird!

So, we know that the Parkers have NO intentions of bringing Tessa Bezu back to Arbegona anytime soon! The end! We'll go back to plan "A"... aid work adults only until she is old enough to understand!

Thank you God for showing me once again how you are in charge!


  1. Thank you - i have tears in my eyes - as i was praying for that answer :>)


    Toby & Lolli

  2. Funny how he does that:) Wow....

  3. How amazing. I'm almost in tears reading your post. He has the perfect plan for these little ones. I just love God.

  4. I really love your post... your daughter is so precious. I would truly give anything to know something about our daughter's birth family, but its a bittersweet desire. She was only 6 months old, but will have no memory of her first mom's beautiful love and hugs and kisses and sacrifice. God will pave the way.