Saturday, October 24, 2009

Product review - Moshi!


et me introduce you to my new best friend, Moshi...

Moshi is my LISTENING alarm clock. She is voice activated. That means NO BUTTONS (well a few on the back just in case she's being obstinate and not obeying the command)!

If you click the link above you can see a demo on the website. I was doubtful when I saw the package at BED BATH & BEYOND. It was on sale for $35.99! And the numbers are HUGE. Great for a blind girl! So we got home, plugged it in and she started to talk to me! Whoa. She asked me "what is the correct time"?  "I said, 2:14pm"  and the clock instantly changed to that time!

When you want to set the alarm nooooo more holding down the damn buttons until it reaches the right time and making sure you're on am and not pm! All I say is; "Hello Moshi" She says, "command please" and I say, "set alarm". Then she asks, "what time would you like the alarm to sound?"  "I say, seven o'clock am" All of a sudden she says, "the alarm is set to seven o'clock am"!

And it has the coolest back light ever. You can have no backlight, blue or changing colors backlight! :0 Yes, I am SERIOUS.

THAT IS IT.... well, not really.

It has three different alarm sounds. Three different sleep sounds (if you like that) and tells the date, temperature etc if you ask her. It is NOT a clock radio.

The ONLY downside I've noticed while being sick is that she is confusing my cough with me activating her. You activate her by saying "hello moshi". So, I suppose my cough sounds like hello moshi. Because everytime I cough she asks me to give her a command.  Other down side.... the first few nights she was here I forgot her name in the morning to tell her to turn off. So I was screaming HELLO MEESHI, HELLO MUSHI, HELLO MENSI... nothin.

But we're back on track and we are deeply in love! Goodbye alarm clock buttons.

If you ever have a product you'd like me to review, please let me know, I'm a tough customer, but Moshi get's TWO MARTINI'S.

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  1. Awesome! Moody needs one-

    I like this product review thing. :)