Sunday, October 28, 2007

African Children's Choir!

First off, I cannot figure out why "Blogger won't allow me to separate paragraphs, but you'll get by! We were lucky enough to experience the Children's Choir on Friday night. I found out about it sort of last minute and we literally ran to the building (after parking of course) because the streets were so full of parked cars! It's very difficult for me to put into words how I felt when we were there. It's more like a flood of words - that's probably the most accurate because that's how the emotions and feelings came at me. Of course my eyes welled up for the first five minutes and I felt sort of numb and tingly. It was magical (although 100 degrees in the auditorium) through and through and the children's spirit could be felt throughout the space. Their energy (spiritual, not physical) was exceptional. They were infectious to say the least and it was sad for me when it ended.
Michael was starving as it was 9:00 when it ended and he had raced home from work and we went straight there. I wanted so badly to hang around at the end, but we had to go get something to eat, and fast!
Their story was one of hope and life. It was simply beautiful. I don't know what else to say because if I try to put down all of my feelings and the meaning behind them, it would basically be a book.
I feel so utterly honored to soon be a parent of a child from Africa. Their souls were wide open and full of life. It made me a little anxious for the process to be faster, but I understand that our time will come - it will.
If anyone has the opportunity to see the concert, please go, you won't be sorry. I was very emotional to see the amazing outpouring of support by our community. I never expected so many people to attend and they just loved it. People were clapping and dancing and there were a few standing ovations! The awareness is happening, bit by bit, I can feel the changing winds for mother Africa.
Here is their itinerary for "The Journey of Hope Tour":


  1. How cool! I would love to see them perform live.

  2. That sounds amazing! I wish I could have checked it out! Thank you for the comments. How did people do this adoption thing before the internet?

  3. Loved the blog! Thank you for sharing your experience...I wish they were coming to CA!

  4. love them! I downloaded some of their songs on itunes!

    5 days for your i-171h?!? the last girl in oklahoma (that i know of) got hers in 19 days. i would be happy if it were closer to 5 days though :)