Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No more, taking one for the team...

First of all, I just love Sting and this song! No special meaning here or connection to the post. No faith has been lost! I just wanted to change songs without spending an hour trying to find a good one! :)

For any of you friends out there who've seen the last post, I removed it. I had hesitated about posting it to begin with and thought it might be fun to share my misery for the day. Well, I look worse today, but you'll never see. For those of you who hadn't read the last post, let's just say "it wasn't pretty". I had a laser treatment on my face which causes big red circles (bruising) that look quite unattractive. Kind of like someone used a bingo blotter on my face!
Anywho, the bruises will be gone in a week or two and I'll be very pleased to show the results.

The reason I took it down was because I had received a "not so nice" comment. It kind of hurt my feelings a little that someone I don't know and have never conversed with was willing to say something nasty to me. If I wasn't self concious about it enough, right!

I must admit that I will be a tad more guarded about my posts from now on. Please everyone, be polite and do as you were (hopefully) taught, "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself". These adoption blogs were created to share our life, our journeys, our love and support for one another, not insults. Perhaps the person didn't intend to be so harsh, but coming from a complete stranger it is difficult to take it any other way.

Now, I will get off my soapbox, and put some soothing lotion of my facial burns. :)


  1. Don't you hate mean bloggers. I've had a few visit our site and rag on the adoption views. It's so frusterating! Don't you hate, how someone you don't even know can hurt your feelings? It just means your a big hearted person :-)....I saw your picture earlier OUCH Poor thing, You are brave.


  2. How could someone be mean? I feel responsible! You are a beautiful mama that was being vulnerable for a moment b/c someone (who??) asked for a photo!! Ok- we can email those things from now on:)

  3. People are so silly! You are beautiful! Some miserable person was probably just looking for someone to be mean to. Please don't spend more than a minute on their negativity. Especially when, as you know, we have SO much to celebrate. When I'm feeling impossibly impatient it makes me feel better that I have such great company in this crazy, beautiful journey.

  4. I can't believe a stranger said something negative. Oh well, people can suck and people can also be amazing. Forget that loser and enjoy all the support and love you get from the rest of us! Love ya Lou Lou....you are BEAUTIFUL...ALWAYS! Kiki

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  6. Beauty is more than skin deep. Don't be hurt by people who are so unhappy that they have to find ways to make others as miserable as they are.

    You are great and nothing should make you believe otherwise!

    Keep the faith.

    We love you......


  7. They can stuff it! You have been so supportive to me already....you deserve only support and positivity in return. And bring on the laser....better living through technology I say!