Monday, October 22, 2007

Just waiting!

Well, here it is Monday again. I've been wanting to post, but honestly don't have anything to say. So, I'll at least write something as not to disappoint you friends out there that faithfully check our blog looking for updates. Gee, I wonder, perhaps it is "I" that is disappointed when I do my rounds and see no new posts! Umm, yeah, that more like it. So, anyway, I'll just write down my thoughts and feelings for today.

Okay, I'm sitting here ready to type and "I got nothin'!" This past weekend was great. We've been having such wonderful time on the weekends lately and I just love it. We went to breakfast with Grandpa on Saturday and then just the three of us went to the apple orchard for fun. Then we took a nice ride up the coast and sat on the beach for a bit, we picked up our new wine chiller for our soon to be new kitchen! And last but not least, we went to our favorite local "dive" for a Mexican feast, delicious! No wonder why I'm up and down with weight! Five weeks good, two weeks bad!

On a funny note... I'm debating posting a picture of me. Why debating you ask? If you could see me right now you'd know!! My face basically looks like hamburger (one side anyway). I was supposed to grocery shop today after several appointments and just couldn't. I look awful!

Darn it, I'm having trouble posting the picture! ;)
Details to come, let's just say that I'm thrilled that after today that I have no work appointments for the rest of this week! Phew!
Lot's of wonderful people are finally getting their travel dates and alot of people are getting referrals now that the Ethiopian Millennium and closed courts are done with!!! Woo Hoo! With these delays etc, we've had to kind of re-think our timeline. It's really looking more like we will not be getting a call before the end of this year. So, best guess, we'll be traveling spring/early summer. :( We'll see how quickly things move now that things are back on track, but I'm trying to be a realist here!!
Sorry nothing good or interesting to report! Let's see how things unfold in the next few weeks before throwing "the baby out with the bath water" time wise!

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  1. What is up with the face sister? What happened? Do figure out a way to post the pic-- a little curious here. You are so beautiful- can't be that bad:)