Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm "IT"...

Thanks to Emily (soli deo gloria) for tagging me! Here goes:

Job's I've had:
1. Salad girl at a restaurant
2. Fitting room attendant
3. Bank Teller
4. Kitchen Designer (16 years and counting)

Places I've lived (some):
1. Dorchester, MA
2. Exeter, NH
3. Hampstead, NH
4. Sandown, NH

Food I love (I love food and hate to leave out so many):
1. Mexican (too bad you're so far Em')
2. Meatballs (only my own - to die for)
3. Spaghetti and Zucchini (zucc. fried- sounds strange but it's awesome)
4. All around favorite (my jeans hate me for it).... FRENCH FRIES!

Places I'd rather be:
1. Disney with my family!
2. Vacation anywhere with my family
3. California (Napa/Sonoma)
4. Last but NOT least, Ehtiopia (airport headed home with our bundle)

Movies I love:
1. Terms of Endearment (Aurora Greenway - the ultimate performance)
2. The Bicycle Thief (Italian w/subtitles)
3. Heartburn (or anything Meryl Streep)
4. American Beauty (or anything Kevin Spacey) (I seem to have a dark side looking back at this list)

T.V. show I love: (doesn't exactly match the serious list above)
1. Reality, I know, I'm a reality whore; Bachelor,Survivor,So... Can Dance, Dance w/Stars..etc.
2. Damages
3. Rescue Me (this past season was not so great)
4. Boston Legal

Books I love:
1. Anything conservative politics (several)
2. What to expect "the first year" (critical to Nick's first year)
3. There is no me without you
4. Anything cooking or decorating related (several)

People I'm tagging:
1. Tara
2. Danni
3. Karen
4. Betthany & Jeff

Well, that about it! I've been waiting for the final touches on Nick's room to take pictures and do my next post, but I'm anxious to post so I might do one after dinner!


  1. so much fun to discover things about each other-- Here's to a good Mexican food meal one day together with our families!!!!

  2. Thanks for the Tag Fun game! Hey quick question, do you know any other bloggers who are using our agency? It's hard to tell from the blogs. We like connecting with other families. You can email us if you do!!