Monday, October 15, 2007


Here is the new "big boy room" and the old "guest room"! Now that Grandma and Grandpa are not in Syracuse anymore (5.5 hours away), we don't really need the guest room as much as before. This represents a huge step in my process. It is yet "one more step" to realizing that we're actually adding to our family. It isn't just paperwork, or blogging. It's real. I must admit though, it's going to be a few more steps before it becomes even more real.

Michael and I were talking the other day and I said to him that the actual moment of realization for me will probably be when the airline pilot comes over the system to announce to the attendants to prepare for landing and "welcome to Boston"! When we're on that plane getting ready to land is going to be the most exhausting and exhilarting moment I can imagine. Childbirth was just shear pain and fear! This will be an entire new set of emotions. Landing and seeing our family, pulling into our driveway, making breakfast the first morning, and tucking in the first night (either in our "den" or in their new room).... This is what I'm looking forward to the most at this moment.

And then, I'll be looking forward towards the familiarity of our new family. How things won't be "so special" needing to be photographed every second. I will then look forward to living our lives as a complete family. Nothing more, nothing less. Just living the American dream and being blessed by God every step of the way!

This is our future - hurry up and get here already!! :)


  1. Love the room, and I too think of those moments....the day that it all seems as if it always was, you know??

  2. WOW! The room looks like a photo in a home decor magazine! You guys did an amazing job! Nick must LOVE it! So exciting!!!!

  3. Great new music on your site, Lori! I like it. The room looks beautiful, too!

  4. Beautiful Room....It is so east husband has always wanted a home there!