Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fought off "The Funk"!

First off, thanks so much to all of my adoring fans... Oh, wait, wake up Lor, your totally dreaming...........

But seriously, thanks to all of you for sending such positive thoughts and words my way! I don't know how I'd get through this without the support that I've received! Truly.

My mother and Nicholas and I went out for lunch yesterday before Nick and I headed to Wally World to get some important items to make peanut butter balls! YUM!

We were going to go for Mexican (my fav.) but they were closed for lunch - my jeans are somewhat smiling, but, not completely as I'm 10lbs. overweight right now. I chalk it up to pseudo pregnancy right?! So, if I ever do get an elliptical machine, look out world! (never happen - I loath any type of exercise unless I'm skinny and in a routine).... So, I'm off track here again! We went to a close by Chinese rest. because they have a wonderful buffet at lunch. Nice and clean, modern, with lot's to pick from. Michael hates Chinese food so I only get to have it a couple of times a year (probably a good thing).

As some of you super sleuths may have put the pieces together already, these are the two fortunes that Nicholas and I received at the end of our meal. As I wasn't 100% sure what to make of them at the time I just kind of looked at my mom with my eyebrows up and lip corners turned down, (expression of "hey, who knows, maybe something soon"). So, wouldn't you know, about three seconds later a little boy (around 5) goes running by our table towards the buffet. Big deal right? He caught my attention, I looked back down at my plate, thought for a second, and then looked back up at him. He was obviously ET (according to my educated eyes)! I couldn't stop staring at him to try and figure out if that was really the case or not. Let me back up by saying that I live in NH folks, we are not as diversified as I would like. In my graduating class in high school (year not important, but a biggie anniversary coming up) there was only one black student. Probably 3 or 4 in the entire school! So, it is unusual to see a black child with a white parent in our area (soon to be changed - Thank God). My mother looked up at me and we had an exchange of glances to say, "this is a sign"! We left it at that and I pondered approaching the woman and her two children but thought otherwise when it was apparent that she was a bit overwhelmed and perhaps a bit "grumpy grippits" as Nicholas would phrase it!

Fast forward to today.. Crazy snow again - we got almost a foot of snow just today and when I returned home from morning things, I realized that I'd better at least clear the end of the driveway as the plows were really closing us in (even though we're on a cul-de-sac)! So, me and Snoop Dog headed out for some shovelin' at the mailbox! While I was down there (huffing and puffing way too soon), I looked up at my dear Snoop Dog who was sitting squarely in the middle of the driveway as not to get too close to the electric fence sensors... He was looking, or staring I should say at the Boxford Pear trees in the yard. I didn't think much of it until I needed to take another breather and stop shoveling for a second. As I stopped shoveling and gasping for air, a loud noise came to my attention. But it was strange and not expected... for goodness sake, it's a darn blizzard over here (I thought). What I heard was birds singing! Not just like a chirp in the distance, but several. I looked up right in front of me where the eight trees sort of edge the front property and was astounded! The moment that I looked up, about 100 small little birdies came out of the trees and swooped down over me, then they glided over snoopy and back to the trees again. This may sound creepy to read, but it was magnificent to say the least. It happened several more times after that as I just stood there looking up at them chirping and singing. I smiled so big, and at this point the shovel was on the ground. I couldn't believe the sounds and the feeling in the middle of the storm. And they weren't at anyone else's house. After a few minutes they all flew away and I never saw them since all afternoon.

What does that tell me/us? Sweet Emily, she is so insightful and her timing hit me perfectly. She just posted about how God Is In the Details a couple of days ago. When I read her post I loved the "coincidences" that things in D.C. seemed to bring to her life... They aren't merely coincidence are they? They are signs and messages. Sometimes they are very clear, and sometimes very subtle. Sometimes they are just a mere reminder!

Something big is happening right now. I know this as fact. It is for either MP and I, or what I truly believe, it's for someone close to me. Em', or Bethany, I hope so badly it's for one of you. This is my Christmas wish. This is My Christmas Wish!

I am so thankful for my family and friends (new and old) that are here to welcome our new babe to our tiny little part of the earth! Everyone, please say a special prayer for Emily and Bethany that they receive their referral very soon! You guys are just too awesome (not to mention my other friends who've already rec'd their ref. and court date, ehhmm DANNI & TOMMY)!

I feel something is on the horizon, tomorrow perhaps? We can pray and hope!


  1. Those fortunes are just to perfect. Don’t you love little reminders and messages that help in some weird way to give you that extra boost that you need.
    We too are hoping for a Christmas referral for our sweet friends Bethany and Jeff. I think you are right something is brewing out there, I feel a referral coming on.
    Have fun shoveling snow! Throw some over our way, we would love a snowy Christmas!

  2. Hi Lori: Your post gave me goosebumps! God definately has a big voice sometimes! We are adopting from Ethiopia too, and I have been in a funk many times myself! I love your blog. And I hope your Christmas wishes come true!

  3. What a precious post! I was loving every little detail that you gave. Thank you for your friendship and for your prayers.

    I pray for you too, that your phone would ring. Until then, lets commit to not miss the details and the little gifts that He provides each day!

  4. I'm so grateful for you! I've been thinking about you a ton- and know this wait must be so hard for you. You are always so supportive- when I know that it must be tough. You are a strong one my friend.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Know I'll be thinking of you.

  5. First off you need to keep those fortunes for along time. I'd be interested to see if they tell the truth numbers and all :-).

    Second-I was on a road trip with my mom for 3 days. I just returned got on and read your post. I Love you! Thank you for your prayers in our referral. I have felt really calm in the last week...more calm than I've ever felt through this whole waiting period. I'm hoping thats a sign of patience paying off. I just feel at peace. I also am so excited and feel that Emily and Your family will recieve good news very close to my good news. Who knows who will recieve it first (that doesn't even matter)..but I feel that no matter what happens it's a blessing because one of us will travel or ALL of us will travel over and see each others babes and report back to one another.

    Knowing you (and emily) is a blessing on many levels. I'm so happy that you have found peace and a shiney smile latley. Adoption FUNK (excuse me but) SUCKS!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. We send you our love and prayers.


  6. I love it! Love the whole story! I hope it is coming soon for you guys - I can't wait! I get obsessive about blogs who are close to getting their referrals :) God IS in the details!!

  7. I got a fortune cookie the other day that said "You will forever change the life of a child" (or something really close to that). I think there's definitely something to these fortune cookies! -T of T&D