Thursday, December 6, 2007

Second chances are sometimes a necessity!

I did this as a post wayyyy back in July and it was a flop!! Well, my sister and her boyfriend obliged! Jim, we all remember that you scored highest, blah, blah, blah, but I wasn't tooooo far behind ya!

Click on this link to get right to the test! To be serious for a second, there's a ton of wonderful information about each country etc. to learn about too.

It's a nice little distraction for all of us out here "waiting" (which I think should really be called OTV-OAB, On The Verge Of A Breakdown). Perhaps I could simplify the acronym if I spent more time thinking about it, but I'm too busy "waiting" and "blogging" to bother!

Take the test and post your scores - the winner will get a prize. If you actually believe that, then I also want you to make a wish, send me lots of cash, and your wish will come true. I'm sorry, no prize is involved other than being able to be a big bragger in the blog world and a smart-y-pants! I will also pay a big tribute to you on my blog about you and your "smartness". Oh, boy, I'm getting punchy - not good. Better stop writing now!


  1. It's me, without cheating and going on my first stab at it, sadly I scored 60%... I know the second round would be a huge improvment, but I'm not going to cheat. Any takers????? Bring it on!

  2. If anything cheered me up today it was getting a message from you! I have never been to your blog and I am so glad you introduced yourself. Did you see the African Children's Choir at Phillips Exeter? We were there too! Email me at, I would LOVE to get more info on the local group and find out who your friend in Amesbury is...

  3. I won't tell you my score. I just won't do it. You'll have to come all the way to LA and bully it out of me. Hint: You are still winning. Oh, but I have a teaser for you. Remember a long, long time ago I wrote a post about how we have some very exciting news. Well, I'm still not going to share a word, but I will tell you that this little game of yours would have been a spectacular addition to my family many moons ago. Are you intrigued? I hope. Someday, oh patient one...someday this will all make sense ;)

  4. Don't know why you can't email me. If you want to try again:

    My sister lives in East Kingston so I am up your way all the time. How long have you been waiting??? I need to go back and read your blog to catch up on your story!

  5. Okay smarty pants this test makes me feel like an unfit adoptive mother!!!!! :-(

    But I guess it is motivation to work on it a little more!

    Have a safe trip girly. You are lucky you can't be a blogger for awhile......IT sooo dang addicting!